Were the Cincinnati Zoo officials justified in shooting Harambe?

Asked by: subdeo
  • Unfortunately, yes, it was.

    It was a pity but it had to be done. Tranquilizers take too long, and the act of darting a male Silverback gorilla can cause unpredictable behavior. He may have attacked the child or thrown the child away in fear and the child could have slammed into the walls headfirst with lethal effect.. The safety of the child is the utmost concern. Silverback males are unbelievably strong. Harambe could literally flip a full-size SUV on its back with one hand. He was already roughhousing with the child a bit, dragging him around rapidly by his pants. That act alone could have caused whiplash and broken the child's neck if Harambe had whirled him a bit. What would be fun for a baby gorilla can be fatal for a human child. Even Jack Hannah, director emeritus of the competing Columbus, Ohio, Zoo agreed that the shooting was sad but justified. There is a reason mother gorillas are very careful about allowing males to approach their babies before they reach a certain size. A human child would never be able to withstand rough play by a male gorilla, even if the gorilla had no harmful intent. Every second that child was in the pen was a chance for tragedy. I hate losing a fine specimen of an endangered species, but when push comes to shove I'll choose the life/safety of the human child every time.

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