Were the colonists justified in waging a war and splitting from their mother country?

  • Not what happened

    The US colonists did not "wage war;" they declared their independence. It was the English who sent soldiers to dispute said declaration (note where the war took place). Whether or not anyone was "right" is a forgone proposition, But it's a fact that the US won it's claim through horrendous bloodshed (so they were "right" in that sense). If the question is just whether it was better that this happened, It's hard to say. There was a lot of revolutionary spirit in the world at that time, And it's good that we all established proper liberal democracies eventually. Who knows if the general theory would have won out without despicable war and random death? I like to think it would have, But at the time, The colonists really didn't know; they were subjugated, And so I think they were ultimately justified in being rebellious. Some will say it was just the brattiest, Richest colonists who wanted independence, But they were also the ones with the most perspective on how the crown regarded it's colonies.

  • I like money

    Do you like paying taxes.
    I don't cause i like money because then i can buy myself lunch at school and have fun also. We only fought the revolution because Britain over charged everything and the colonists weren't filthy rich anyways. There you go iv'e say]id my piece see ya later

  • British Accents and Tea Time

    All viable governments tax its citizens, So the colonists should have followed the rules and paid their taxes so the king didn't have to use harsh methods to force them to do so. The tax money benefitted the colonists by paying the soldiers who won the French and Indian War and were still protecting them instead of being at home in England with their families.

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