• The Confederacy was most definitely the good guys in the Civil war.

    Most people say the Confederacy was the bad guys because they hated Black people. That's not true. The Confederacy had many, many Black soldiers who WILLINGLY took up arms for the cause of Southern freedom. They were treated as well as the white soldiers, and were paid as much as they were due as according to their rank and status. They were respected, and treated well. The Confederacy waged war in self defense. The "Glorious" Union attacked us first. We were fighting in self defense. In defense of our freedom, our independence, and our great way of life. The tyrant, Abraham Lincoln, didn't even care about abolishing slavery. Jefferson Davis did however.

  • The South was Right

    The Founding Fathers of America said that we the people should take up arms against a government that they feel has failed them and turned into a dictatorship. Robert E. Lee respected his black soldiers as much as everyone else. The 18th century was much different when it comes to the economy than today. Today we have ship yards, Oil fields, And much more. While the North was of course pushing around the South, They had a much easier way of growing the economy was based off factories, The South was more about agriculture and actual labor. Back to Robert E. Lee its a southern thing to treat everyone with respect regardless of color or religion. So the South was right to fight against a tyrant government.

  • It was justified

    Ok look at it in this perspective. Slavery would have been abolished anyway. Slavery could not sustain itself in the way it used to. Next if Abraham Lincoln wanted to destroy slavery why did he say he would not abolish slavery where it already existed. And finally look at what the union did as they advanced into the south they burned 40 miles of land just to scare the south. So again was the Confederacy really evil?

  • The Confederates were the best

    While one may argue that the union was the right side because they were against slavery, They actually had way more slaves than the Confederates. For example, Thomas Jefferson, Who wrote a speech against slavery, Himself had 300 slaves! Plus the Confederates did not treat their slaves harshly and most of them were paid. All what the Confederates did during the war was to free themselves from an oppressive northern government.

  • They said, "Without Slaves Our Land Is Worth Less"

    Now, They needed slaves how were they going to eat? They needed slaves for their cotton, And etc. Fields, They just needed labor they needed someone can do some job for them. There were black people who owned slaves. There were white people who owned white slaves, Same with Blacks. The confederacy was attacked first, Also Abe. Lincoln said, "I am doing this to conserve the union. " They would actually use machines instead of slaves because they cost less, They would either sell their slaves or free them after Carnegie and others.

  • Csa was right

    The states voted themselves into the union they should have been allowed to vote themselves out. We seceded from Britain and the those guys(slave owners byw) are heroes. Because they won. The south was following the example of the founding fathers but lost against brutal inhuman war tactics. War against woman and children. Burning of civilian cities and homes. Yankee's are foul

  • They were good.

    A lot of people believe that the confederacy was wrong simply because that is what the yanks told them in schools and textbooks. This is simply not true. My family also fought for Virginia and it was because lincoln had raised an army to invade his own country. How dictorial does that sound. My family could not bring themselves to invade their own state and country. Schools have put it in kids minds that the war was on slavery and because the confederacy had slaves, that makes them racist. That is not true. My family now lives in Ohio and i se it everyday in our history classes. They dont even give you a confederate perspective. They immediatly tell you its slavery, slavery, and slavery. That is rediculous. We were INVADED by lincoln. The south was right and they should have won.

  • The confederacy was GOOD!!

    My family fought for the confederacy as they were from Virginia, and we still believe the confederates were right in fighting to free themselves from an oppressive government. During the late 1850 and early 60s, there was something called the Morrill Tariff, which raised a tax much higher in the south than in the north, this was passed by "the amazing" Mr. Lincoln during his first term. This was completely unjust and that is another reason the south seceded. Only 10% of the southern population held slaves so if you say it was over the right to slaves, you would be incorrect. Not only were they fighting against the tariff, but also FOR state's rights inn which they could nullify the tariff. Mr. Lincoln was a tyrant and should not be given the glory he is given today, he was an oppressor. I do not think that the Union was right and will be proud of my confederate heritage.

  • The confederates were right

    The southerners were fighting for the right to decide whether or not they would keep slavery, not that they were racist kkk nazi kind of guys as democrats would like you to believe, ( this is because Obama has been fed lies and is now feeding them to the country via common core). HOWEVER. There were some racists on BOTH sides as well as abolishinists on the confederate side. Basically, just Like a Shakespeare play there were good and bad on both sides.

    GRANT OWNED A SLAVE!!!!!!!!!

  • The South was the Bad Guy

    The south not only wanted its institution of slavery to continue but to allow future states to decide in favor of slavery. Had they conceded at least the latter the war would have been avoided. BTW no slaves fought for the south. They were considered inferior men. James. W. Loewen presents proof in documents of the south's opinion on black people. The south declared in seceding that the negro was an inferior human being. When the southern army came upon negroes in the north they captured them and sent them back to be slaves in the slave states. The south was cruel, heartless and racist.

  • Are You Kidding Me JacobHammCSA

    Let's look at the argument of the only person who somehow said yes to this rather straightforwardly 'no' topic.

    "Most people say the Confederacy was the bad guys because they hated Black people. That's not true."

    Of course. They didn't hate black people, because they were too busy forcing them to do backbreaking, sickening work in the middle of the hot noontime sun picking cotton, a task which is not as easy as it sounds. They can't afford to hate black people, because they practically required them as slaves to fuel their primitive, agriculture-driven lives.

    "The Confederacy had many, many Black soldiers who WILLINGLY took up arms for the cause of Southern freedom."

    Lemme tell ya why they did that. The Confederate States of America denied African American soldiers basic human rights and liberties. Instead, it promised to "free" them if they fought for the CSA. That's why. They willingly took up arms so they could be free from their unwilling slave work.

    "They were treated as well as the white soldiers, and were paid as much as they were due as according to their rank and status."

    This made me LOL. Are you kidding me? Source please, or African American soldiers were mistreated, abused, not given enough rations, and viewed as inferior, as many dozens of African American soldiers of the CSA wrote about in their journals and books.

    "They were respected, and treated well."

    Really now. Refer to what I said above.

    "The Confederacy waged war in self defense. The "Glorious" Union attacked us first. We were fighting in self defense."

    I'm interested in where the heck you learned history. The Confederacy was the aggressor. The United States fortifications at Fort Sumter were bombarded by Confederate forces without any provocation on April 12, 1861, thus starting the war. Seriously now.

    "We were fighting in self defense. In defense of our freedom, our independence, and our great way of life."

    That's rich. Of course you fought for your "freedom" and your "independence". At the same time, you denied those very same things to your African American population, who were forced to do all your brutal, backbreaking slave work. They didn't have the "freedom" or "independence" to leave.

    Let's see if you still say it's a 'great way of life' if you were an African American slave in the Southern states, forced to do brutal work the whole day without breaks or pay, whipped by white slave owners who did absolutely nothing and merely laid back and reaped the harvest.

    "The tyrant, Abraham Lincoln, didn't even care about abolishing slavery. Jefferson Davis did however."

    Again. Who was your history teacher? They should be condemned. Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy practically went to war to protect their "freedom" to own slaves. Meanwhile, Abraham Lincoln made very public speeches like the Emancipation Proclamation that were very clearly anti-slavery.

    Please go and learn about the Civil War before ranting about a subject you clearly do not understand well, or at all.

  • Only if you think slavery is good.

    Let's look at the facts:
    The Confederates wanted to keep their slaves. Yes, the war was about other things too but if it wasn't for the slavery issue do you really think they would've had the motivation?
    The Confederates attacked first. Lincoln basically stayed out of the way (while still declaring that the South was still a part of the United States) until they attacked Fort Sumpter. Did the South make the forts and fund them? No, so what gave them the idea they had a right to them? If they wanted independence so badly they should've offered the North the right to dismantle all its property in the South brick by brick and take it to the North instead of insisting on seizing it. I'm curious to know how Lincoln would've responded to that offer.

    And in retrospect:
    South splits away. How would the US handle the world wars? Granted this could've wound up OK if it stopped WWI was going as it did since that result set the stage for WWII. But assuming WWI still turns out the same then the US has less territory and resources to wage WWII with and there's a big possibility that Hitler would've been able to ally with the South. Not good (unless you think (in the sense of opine) that that sort of thing is good, I don't).

  • Anyone who thinks they were are retarded

    The south seceded from the union because they wanted to keep slaves, their bullsh*t excuse was 'states rights' but anyone with four brain cells knows that they really seceded to keep their slaves. Anybody who would attempt to dissolve a great nation for the sole intention of ensuring that the enslavement of an entire race were to stay enslaved, then those people are clearly 'the bad guys' in the equation.....

  • What?... I don't even...

    How can one say that the south were the "good guys" when they are the ones that completely initiated the conflict in the first place? The North's culture evolved to the point where they realized the horrible morals of having slaves, even for a profit, so they decided to disband it. Now, the South didn't like that, because they were making so much money off of the cotton that their slaves were producing, and were too , for lack of a better word, "lazy" to do anything by themselves.

  • They just wanted to keep slavery

    There is no way that they are the good guys. They wanted to keep their way of life, and that was slavery. If the "Attacking North" took that away from them, there economy would diminish. Slavery was there way of making money on plantations and they were screwed when slavery was abolished. Enslaving a whole race of people is wrong. No matter what the circumstances.

  • This should be really obvious, unless you're an idiot...

    Let me put it plain and simple: They started the whole darn thing, seceded just to keep their slaves. Sure, obviously not all the people were bad, but their cause was. They attacked first, so they started it. They should not have had slaves at all if they were "good", and honestly, why would you think they were the "good" ones? I will assume you support slavery, if so. Slavery is a terrible sin, and all countries have bad histories - don't try to deny it. If you think slavery is good, well, I can't help you. Of course, there are a couple other reasons that I didn't touch upon. Do your research and think about it.

  • The confederates were not the good guys in the civil war.

    The confederates could never have been considered the good guys in the civil war.They supported slavery which many would consider one of the worse sins ever and they wanted to split the union up which could also be considered a pretty bad sin considering it was important to Lincoln that the union stay together.

  • The Confederate who?

    They were behind slavery as if it were good annoying its shameful a disgrace to us African Americans and yes we are called African Americans so don't you rednecks get prejudice how would you feel if we did the same treatment you did to us African Americans during slavery and segregation times and we fought to keep White Americans enslaved you would feel mad wouldn't you well seems like they didn't care😓😓😤😤

  • Lying government like always

    The conferderates were the good guys.The north just raped the south and used slavery as the scapegoat so that all of the ignorant people(like you) would believe it so.And the government made sure it was in all text books to teach generations of people the lies.Read the history, the north started the confrontation but made the south look like they started it when they were just trying to defend themselves from the north trying to steal everything they owned.Plus the north owned more slaves than the south 200,000 to over 300,000 for the north

  • I didnt love the Union, but it is not really their fault; that lies within the Confederacy

    I know many of you guys are saying that they just hate blacks, but they did not do that. They STOLE them from their own homes, ENSLAVED them, they became PROPERTY, many were whipped and ABUSED. The South believed slaves were property, not even humans, that were lower than dogs. And even though some Northerners did have slaves, like grant, they did not treat the slaves that bad. The Union wanted to not really get rid of slavery, they just wanted to Unite the states. Now, the North many problems, but the South is only worsening it. Seceding from the Union was just not the smartest move. Then the Confederates STARTED the war by attacking fort Sumter. Not to mention that the Confederated broke a federal law in the constitution, stating that states cannot secede and join forces and attack the Union, which is exactly what the South did.

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