• The Confederacy was most definitely the good guys in the Civil war.

    Most people say the Confederacy was the bad guys because they hated Black people. That's not true. The Confederacy had many, many Black soldiers who WILLINGLY took up arms for the cause of Southern freedom. They were treated as well as the white soldiers, and were paid as much as they were due as according to their rank and status. They were respected, and treated well. The Confederacy waged war in self defense. The "Glorious" Union attacked us first. We were fighting in self defense. In defense of our freedom, our independence, and our great way of life. The tyrant, Abraham Lincoln, didn't even care about abolishing slavery. Jefferson Davis did however.

  • The confederacy was GOOD!!

    My family fought for the confederacy as they were from Virginia, and we still believe the confederates were right in fighting to free themselves from an oppressive government. During the late 1850 and early 60s, there was something called the Morrill Tariff, which raised a tax much higher in the south than in the north, this was passed by "the amazing" Mr. Lincoln during his first term. This was completely unjust and that is another reason the south seceded. Only 10% of the southern population held slaves so if you say it was over the right to slaves, you would be incorrect. Not only were they fighting against the tariff, but also FOR state's rights inn which they could nullify the tariff. Mr. Lincoln was a tyrant and should not be given the glory he is given today, he was an oppressor. I do not think that the Union was right and will be proud of my confederate heritage.

  • They were good.

    A lot of people believe that the confederacy was wrong simply because that is what the yanks told them in schools and textbooks. This is simply not true. My family also fought for Virginia and it was because lincoln had raised an army to invade his own country. How dictorial does that sound. My family could not bring themselves to invade their own state and country. Schools have put it in kids minds that the war was on slavery and because the confederacy had slaves, that makes them racist. That is not true. My family now lives in Ohio and i se it everyday in our history classes. They dont even give you a confederate perspective. They immediatly tell you its slavery, slavery, and slavery. That is rediculous. We were INVADED by lincoln. The south was right and they should have won.

  • Why judge everyone for the few

    When the Confederacy broke away there were still loyal union soldiers, West Virginia was created for that very example, and if this issue is on slavery of them being called bad then Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would be considered the bad guys also. In every country there are the privileged and underprivileged, some forget the 5 border states of the union

  • The Confederates were preservers of the original Constitution!!

    Like the many Jeffersonian democrats that rallied before them, the notions of state's rights, state sovereignty, and nullification reigned among the most important virtues to Southerners of the mid 1800s in American politics. The South legally separated themselves from the tyrannical Union to uphold the doctrine of State's Rights. This political ideology stated that there are certain constitutional rights reserved solely to the individual states ( such as the right to maintain a way of life, keep CONSTITUTIONAL property, freely expand into the western territories, and seek liberation from unlawful tariffs and taxation), and if a central government threatens, opposes, or interferes with these State's Rights it is the duty of the people to abolish it and institute a new government. It is upon this premise the Confederate patriots stood. In December of 1860, Robert Augustus Toombs, of the Georgia legislature, stated that, "The basis, the corner-stone of this Government was the perfect equality of the free, sovereign, independent States which made it". When Southern rights were threatened, secession soon followed.

  • Slavery isn't bad

    All the confederacy tried to do was preserve the rights of their citizens. The slaves LIKED being slaves, and that's all they were good for. They would have been perfectly happy if the union hadn't interfered with all that 'abolitionist' nonsense. Besides, it was the union that required the cotton.

  • They just wanted to put food on their plates

    They weren't going to kill anyone over secession. The North were the ones who decided they needed to take over the confederacy and they are the ones to blame for all the deaths and casualties of the war. They started the war out of aggression . That's why the appropriate name for the war is the war of northern aggression

  • History is written by the victor.

    It's horrible to see Americans demonizing the Confederacy simply because the slavery myth.

    The Confederates were the only ones that were respecting the US Constitution (which was and is the Supreme Law of the Land). King Abraham Lincoln and his cronies regularly violated our Constitution during the Civil War, and committed many illegal acts. Unlike Abraham Lincoln, the Confederate government did not imprison almost 30,000 Americans without due process in order to suppress internal anti-war and anti-draft dissent. The Tenth Amendment protected states' rights like the nullification of federal laws. It was the Declaration of Independence that said The People have the natural right to abolish an unjust government and set up a new one for the people, by the people.

    Like every armed conflict in human history, the American Civil War was all about money, greed, and power. The agricultural South had the money, and the industrial North had the greed and power. The Yankees wanted the Southern money so they unlawfully took it by imposing taxes and tariffs on the South. During the Election of 1860, Abraham Lincoln didn't even campaign in the South, even his name didn't appear on the ballot in Southern states. The South no longer felt represented in the Union. That is why South Carolina seceded from the Union after Lincoln was elected. Don't you people remember the phrase "Taxation Without Representation?" This all sounds familiar doesn't it?

    After the C.S.A was formed, they sent a peace delegation to Washington D.C to establish diplomatic relations. Too bad that good ole Abe refused to meet with the delegation, and turned down every peace proposal offered by the Confederate gov't. And then there is Fort Sumter. Just a federal military installation located in South Carolina's backyard that threatened Confederate ships. The Union refused the Confederacy's ultimatum to leave Fort Sumter or else they would bomb it. So much for the outlandish notion that the South instigated the war unprovoked.

    About slavery? Both sides considered slavery to be a minor issue. Abe Lincoln didn't want to abolish slavery, he just wanted to stop its expansion. He cared more about preserving the Union. Most Southerners didn't even own slaves. Only the rich could afford slaves. Confederate soldiers cared more about their states than possessing ownership of another human being. Even Southern politicians and generals like Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee disliked the very institution of slavery.

    History is written by the victor. The North won and wrote their version of the story. Just because government funded and controlled public school system teaches that the Confederacy only defended slavery doesn't make it anymore true than the existence of monsters living under your bed.

  • There's a misconception

    Slavery is terrible, yes. That is clear. However, the war was not started on the issue of slavery, rather that "cause" was later introduced by the North, and made the South look life the "bad guys." Therefore that moral point is null. The only moral point we are left with is why the war started in the first place: states' rights. This country was founded on the principle of freedom and a desire for self-governance. That is what the south fought for. This is not a hypocritical point for the south because the north was objectively no more concerned with freeing the slaves than the south. The biggest hypocritical move, rather, was by the North when it declared that no state had the right to secede. The North therefore took away people's right to self-governance, and spat in the face of our founding fathers, who founded this country on the ideal that a people have the right to secede from their government (the British Empire, at that point), and govern themselves.

  • The war wasn't over slavery

    Let me explain this.Where was the first battle of the Civil War? Anyone with a brain in their skull would say: "Fort Sumpter, South Carolina." OK, so if the Civil War was a Dispute over slavery, Why did the Rebels fire the first shots? I am so sick of the Bulls*it about the yanks "freeing" the slaves, its just dumb. Kentucky was a slave state but was also apart of the Union! Back to my 1st point, if you wanted to defend something, why go on the offensive?

  • Confederates are vermin.

    Confederates were no different than the Nazis or Mao or Stalin’s thugs. Confederates are demonic sadists who derive ejaculatorynglee by inflicting death, Terror and despair on mankind. It’s so bad that Confederates used to rape black children willy nilly to prove their demo hood. The only good Confederate is one whose body is filled with maggots and carrion beetles. Confederates were the the worst kind of decal swilling parasites. The Union should have brutally tortured and executed every Confederate child-raping, Disease-spreading rat-faced vermin. Confederates aren’t even remotely human and they don’t actually feel pain like us real humans do so you can do anything to Confederates scum without feeling guilty. You can kill them, Tie them to a post and have a Brahma bull anally rape them. They aren’t human, They aren’t even subhuman, They are demons from the depths of hell and any time a demon is tortured, God smiles. Never treat Confederate scum with any respect. They are mankind’s worst enemy. Confederates are Pinko Putin spermbanks, Caulk sucking goo-guzzling, Fecal-swilling maggots.

  • This is wrong.

    Just why? Why does anyone still believe the Confederacy were the good guys, The internet is full of bad people spreading lies, And this is one of those places. Like how do you even justify this, The South never will be good and never have! Good god this is sad.

  • They were as evil as the Nazis!

    The fact that you have to ask this question shows just how racist the US still is. The South was fighting because they thought the North was going to stop slavery (even though the North wasn't) and their succeeding from the Union started the war. They aren't just as bad as the Nazis but tarators to our country and its very ideas of freedom of all men (and women now).

  • Slavery slavery slavery

    Slavery slavery slavery s l a v e r y s l a v e r y s l a v e r y s l a v e r y s l a v e r y s l a v e r y s l a v e ry

  • They WANTED slavery

    They wanted slavery. Selfishly believed removing it would “ruin their way of life” which quite frankly, Should not have even existed in the first place. If your “way of life” got destroyed by trying to treat other human beings with a little common decency, Then your way of life should never have existed at all. Pure and simple. Of COURSE they were the bad guys, You don’t even have to look very hard, Hell, You still see it today, The backwards apathetic people whose ancestors were on the WRONG side of history. These people didn’t build their own successes. It was built by and on the backs and bodies of stolen people forced into doing all of the actual work for them. They were not even approaching being considered as “good people” in the eyes of any person on the planet. . . Except themselves.

  • Racism is kinda bad tho

    Its like kinda bad. Racism is mean and bad. Confederacy = racism. Racism = bad. Through the transitive property, Confederacy = bad. In conclusion, Racism is actually bad and you should really see this point because in 2019 it is important to recognize that racism is very very very bad.

  • I think they were the bad guys.

    First of all, The confederate fired the first shots. Second of all, African American soldiers could only earn pensions for fighting for the confederacy and were often forced to, Check American Battlefield Trust black Confederates. I see some people tried to say slavery wasn't bad, Obviously that is a complete lie since they were fed scraps as if they were dogs, Beaten, Raped, Starved, Frozen, Murdered, And worked with no benefits. Why would anyone think slavery is good if so many slaves ran and wrote books, Check out Frederick Douglass. Also states rights makes no sense. For example, Who did the national government base of ft Sumter belong to South Carolina or the U. S.

  • Keyword: racism and bigotry

    I don't know what kind of head trauma you must have to even consider that the Confederate States were the good guys in this war.
    People who said "Yes" are probably the same kind of people who would agree that Hitler did nothing wrong in WW2.
    While the American Civil War is indeed different from the Second World War, The keyword remains: racism.

  • The Confederacy wanted to keep slavery.

    If you actually believe the Confederacy were the good guys you have to agree with the slavery and the oppression based violence against African Americans. The Confederacy only wanted to solidify their “right” to own slaves. It was never a “right” to impede on someone else’s life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the basis on their skin color. Slavery was a part of American History that should not be praised but it should be accepted as a horrible societal norm that happened in the past. People that are proud of having a Confederate heritage should not take the blame for the dark path their ancestors had taken. They should accept and acknowledge the truth that their ancestors were not good people.

  • Some of the Confederates motives to fight were selfish and evil

    The confederates were fighting for their way of life, Where abusing slaves and horrific racism is common. Yes, Blacks were in the military near the end of the war. But they were given little to no pay and many times were forced to join from their owners. The confederates weren't all bad guys though, As many opposed slavery but fought for their state. You can't say the confederates were good because some of their motives to fight were horrible.

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