• Good or bad

    There would not be a civil war if everybody was clear on slavery, which mofo brought these people into the usa, start thinking about that first, the whole world would be different if the slave runners would not exist at that time, nowadays there would be no crime, no drugrunners, blame the spanish portugues and english, i am dutch by the way i know what these conjos did, and i am not proud of it, probably at that time i would have been a slave runner ar well and good pirate, shame on me

  • Good or bad

    I am a dutch and i know the slave runners are to blame for this, the dutch, spanish, portugues, french and english runner's . These fuckers are to blame for every bull shit in this world, if they left these poor people in their own countries all of this racism bs would not have happened, now there is an other problem our countries are overrun by muslims, be aware kkk do something about that instead of living in the past and get ahead, you will hear from me out of my little shitty muslim overrun country HOLLAND

  • They just wanted to leave the US

    The south wanted to leave the united states because the union would not let them keep their way of life. The south was rebelling from an oppressive government and just wanted to leave. But the union couldn't agree to these terms, so instead they waged a 4 year war and killed almost 1 million Americans.

  • They were better

    They just wanted to be free. The Declaration of Independence said nothing that rejected the fact that the South could secede. The South had every right to break away from the Union. The North was just being bossy and acted like they were in charge of the South. South was better.

  • History teachers probably never told you this.

    That the Union under President Abraham Lincoln violated the South's right to secede and form a militia. Just as the U.S. tried doing with Great Britain. The Confederacy treated their black soldiers with equal pay as white soldiers. While as the Union didn't even consider giving up their slaves until 1868 with the passage of the 13th amendment, not the emancipation proclamation ( a lot of people get that confused). And Lincoln said in a quote: "If I could end this war without freeing one slave, I would do it."

  • The south were the good guys question what you believe

    OF course the schools would teach that the union was in the right, history is written by the victors. They had to justify the most costly, in terms of american lives, war in american history. They were fighting for their rights against northern aggression, they were taking stuff that was on their land.

  • Simple Farming Communities

    You see, the Confederate States of America believed in the same beliefs as early colonists. They wanted independence. The colonists of the 1700s abhored the taxes given to the by the british. The Union represents the British, and the South represent the colonists. We wanted a world that was truly free. Slavery would've died out by the early 1900s. Only 1/3 of southerners owned slaves, and most of them were poor farmers who worked alongside his fellow man. African Americans did, in fact, fight for both sides in the war. Up North they truly weren't free. They were forced to fight, cook, and work against their will. Down South, they willingly fought for a better future. Segregation and racism was made by the United States Government, not ours. Over a century the Star~Spangled Banner was raised over slavery, yet our flags were raised for half a decade. Heritage not Hate. ~Thank you~

  • They were the good guys

    After the civil war ended the last state to remove all slaves was a northern state, and the north had segregation of the white and black soldiers, while the south had a mix of white and black soldiers in the same unit, so in terms the north cared less about slavery and just used that as an excuse to go to war than to use the true reason, economic growth of the south was more than the north.

  • Read The Constitution Guys.

    The Tenth Amendment is by far one of the least looked at because it shows how bad our federal government is. "All power not given to the central government is reserved for the states, and the people". I personally do not agree with slavery, but i also dont agree with the fact that they were forced to change. Its much deeper than just SLAVERY, you just have to open your mind and see.

  • The Confederates were the good guys in the civil war.

    The Confederates were fighting the their freedom. They were invaded by Lincoln. Lincoln used slavery as an excuse for the war. He did not come up with this idea until a year after the war had started. I recommend that you read "The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War" by Thomas DiLorenzo.

  • Are You Kidding Me JacobHammCSA

    Let's look at the argument of the only person who somehow said yes to this rather straightforwardly 'no' topic.

    "Most people say the Confederacy was the bad guys because they hated Black people. That's not true."

    Of course. They didn't hate black people, because they were too busy forcing them to do backbreaking, sickening work in the middle of the hot noontime sun picking cotton, a task which is not as easy as it sounds. They can't afford to hate black people, because they practically required them as slaves to fuel their primitive, agriculture-driven lives.

    "The Confederacy had many, many Black soldiers who WILLINGLY took up arms for the cause of Southern freedom."

    Lemme tell ya why they did that. The Confederate States of America denied African American soldiers basic human rights and liberties. Instead, it promised to "free" them if they fought for the CSA. That's why. They willingly took up arms so they could be free from their unwilling slave work.

    "They were treated as well as the white soldiers, and were paid as much as they were due as according to their rank and status."

    This made me LOL. Are you kidding me? Source please, or African American soldiers were mistreated, abused, not given enough rations, and viewed as inferior, as many dozens of African American soldiers of the CSA wrote about in their journals and books.

    "They were respected, and treated well."

    Really now. Refer to what I said above.

    "The Confederacy waged war in self defense. The "Glorious" Union attacked us first. We were fighting in self defense."

    I'm interested in where the heck you learned history. The Confederacy was the aggressor. The United States fortifications at Fort Sumter were bombarded by Confederate forces without any provocation on April 12, 1861, thus starting the war. Seriously now.

    "We were fighting in self defense. In defense of our freedom, our independence, and our great way of life."

    That's rich. Of course you fought for your "freedom" and your "independence". At the same time, you denied those very same things to your African American population, who were forced to do all your brutal, backbreaking slave work. They didn't have the "freedom" or "independence" to leave.

    Let's see if you still say it's a 'great way of life' if you were an African American slave in the Southern states, forced to do brutal work the whole day without breaks or pay, whipped by white slave owners who did absolutely nothing and merely laid back and reaped the harvest.

    "The tyrant, Abraham Lincoln, didn't even care about abolishing slavery. Jefferson Davis did however."

    Again. Who was your history teacher? They should be condemned. Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy practically went to war to protect their "freedom" to own slaves. Meanwhile, Abraham Lincoln made very public speeches like the Emancipation Proclamation that were very clearly anti-slavery.

    Please go and learn about the Civil War before ranting about a subject you clearly do not understand well, or at all.

  • They just wanted to keep slavery

    There is no way that they are the good guys. They wanted to keep their way of life, and that was slavery. If the "Attacking North" took that away from them, there economy would diminish. Slavery was there way of making money on plantations and they were screwed when slavery was abolished. Enslaving a whole race of people is wrong. No matter what the circumstances.

  • What?... I don't even...

    How can one say that the south were the "good guys" when they are the ones that completely initiated the conflict in the first place? The North's culture evolved to the point where they realized the horrible morals of having slaves, even for a profit, so they decided to disband it. Now, the South didn't like that, because they were making so much money off of the cotton that their slaves were producing, and were too , for lack of a better word, "lazy" to do anything by themselves.

  • Anyone who thinks they were are retarded

    The south seceded from the union because they wanted to keep slaves, their bullsh*t excuse was 'states rights' but anyone with four brain cells knows that they really seceded to keep their slaves. Anybody who would attempt to dissolve a great nation for the sole intention of ensuring that the enslavement of an entire race were to stay enslaved, then those people are clearly 'the bad guys' in the equation.....

  • Only if you think slavery is good.

    Let's look at the facts:
    The Confederates wanted to keep their slaves. Yes, the war was about other things too but if it wasn't for the slavery issue do you really think they would've had the motivation?
    The Confederates attacked first. Lincoln basically stayed out of the way (while still declaring that the South was still a part of the United States) until they attacked Fort Sumpter. Did the South make the forts and fund them? No, so what gave them the idea they had a right to them? If they wanted independence so badly they should've offered the North the right to dismantle all its property in the South brick by brick and take it to the North instead of insisting on seizing it. I'm curious to know how Lincoln would've responded to that offer.

    And in retrospect:
    South splits away. How would the US handle the world wars? Granted this could've wound up OK if it stopped WWI was going as it did since that result set the stage for WWII. But assuming WWI still turns out the same then the US has less territory and resources to wage WWII with and there's a big possibility that Hitler would've been able to ally with the South. Not good (unless you think (in the sense of opine) that that sort of thing is good, I don't).

  • The confederates were not the good guys in the civil war.

    The confederates could never have been considered the good guys in the civil war.They supported slavery which many would consider one of the worse sins ever and they wanted to split the union up which could also be considered a pretty bad sin considering it was important to Lincoln that the union stay together.

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  • The south invaded first

    The civil war started when the south invaded Fort Sumter, and the North was not keeping slaves. To say that to own another human, to torture them to do work that you are too lazy to do, is absurd and inhumane. Also, the North didn't start the war, the South did. What makes you better than blacks? Why should whites be better? Our skin is lighter? That is straight up stupidity.

  • They are bad

    Idk im in school researching on the civil war and my teacher told me they were bad so yeah oh great i need 24 more words noooooo okay here it goes do da do da do da do da I LIKE PANCAKES do da do da do da do da YOU LIKE PANCAKES

  • The Union was Right

    The confederates wished to break away from and disunite the United States of America over the issue of States rights. The right that they felt was being infringed upon was the "right" to have slaves. Slavery is evil, and although slavery was not the sole purpose of the entire war, it was the root cause. Lincoln did originally say that he wished to keep the Union together above everything, whether this meant freeing the slaves or keeping them in slavery. However, when the time came he did free the slaves. A wish to keep a country united is not aggressive, and the reason for secession was a wish to have the right to have slaves, which is aggressive. To those who say that slavery was "not that bad," this is a lie. Ask anyone who actually had ancestors who were slaves. Look at evidence that isn't biased. Slavery was horrible, and the wish to keep it for any reason is not justified. Forcing people to work under horrible conditions for little to no pay is completely unacceptable and cruel. Do you think that slaves would have run away and fought with the Union if slavery was enjoyable? As for slaves fighting in the Confederate Army, nearly all historians agree that there were little to no black people who fought in the Confederate army. This idea of the "black Confederate Soldier" is mostly stemmed from myths and attempts to glaze over the rougher parts of Southern History. While I understand that neither side was perfect and both sides had faults, the Union was in the right.

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