Were the Crusades primarily motivated by religious piety?

  • Not all Crusaders were motivated by religion, but I believe the majority were.

    The Catholic Church at this time taught that anyone who went on Crusade would have their sins forgiven and would go to heaven. We can assume most people were motivated by this due to the 70% or so casualty rate. Not to mention, there really wasn't much plunder to be found in the Holy Land at this time. Sadly the people of the time had the bible kept out of their hands and didn't know what true Christianity was about. Thank you and God bless you all.

  • Yes, I think the Crusades were primarily motivated by religious piety.

    I believe the majority of the people who volunteered and joined the Crusaders were doing it to gain favor with the Church, while I believe most did honestly believe in the goal of Crusade I believe that most knew it was very important to be in good standing with the Church back in that time period.

  • Yes, they were

    The crusades became about other things like land grabs for the sake of land grabs and building empires in the interest purely of fame, but without religion they would have never happened to begin with. Religion motivated the crusades to happen and was what fueled them to noteworthy levels throughout.

  • The Crusades were not primarily motivated by religious piety

    It is my opinion that the religious Crusades were not primarily motivated by religious piety. I feel that the resource of land was the primary motivation for each side in this religious conflict. Religious piety played a lesser role than gaining land in the Crusades, and functioned as a secondary source of motivation.

  • Money was the main issue.

    War is almost never started purely due to religion, and the main underlying factor is nearly always money. The fact of the matter is that during the Crusades Europe was struggling economically, and there was not much of anything to go around. The Crusades thinned out the population allowing there to be more to go around.

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