• For Europe but not for everyone else

    The catholic church was in charge and oppressed the people. Everyone else had plenty and they flourished with teachings and math and inventions. It seems that the only way the world can prosper is when the white people are miserable because after that they began to butcher everyone with the catholic crusades I mean colonization.

  • It was an all time low of humanity

    The dark ages were a time when human intellect was at a low, You were killed for speaking out, And the kingdoms were run by inbred monarchs who went mad with power. There was no middle class and "doctors' did terribly at their jobs. As a result, Many died of disease.

  • Why is it dark?

    Something else to note, The "Dark Ages" are called such for one simple reason, Historians don't really know as much about this time period as we do about other time periods. The term was coined to reference dark as a time of few records versus light a time of many records -- with social media today I believe we'd be the Diocles Laser Age.

    Anyway, A lot happened during the "dark ages" that is of great note:
    Science was on its way, And for a great while the church was leading the charge! James Hannam I believe is a good author on this topic, Check his blog out (jameshannam. Com).

    Monasticism paved the way for much of the Enlightenment's movements and many of modern western culture and ideals.

    Agriculture was booming during this time, And people were honing some very important skills that kind of struggled during the Roman era. People in Rome were focused on urban life and commerce, But once that was broken, The focus became on the home and hearth.

  • HAI, Sorry bout your stinky partner, I have a few suggestions though.

    -People didn't have to move and become refugees, Back then
    -Mythology and storytelling was quickly developing
    -families were more tightly bound
    -contests such as jousting were and still are highly valued
    -the government was very stable with a revolution highly improbable
    -The legal system was also very well structured for the time
    -art is overall developing very well
    -very unlikely for people to be executed
    -people had lots of fun games to entertain themselves
    -literature was progressing well

  • Are they dark, Share your oppinion

    I'm in a group in my history class at school and need some arguments for this topic, I'm on the opposition side so I'm have to say that it''s not so dark, And my 'partner' is working on 'other things'. If I could get some really good tips, That would be appreciated.

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