• I loved the Eagles

    The Eagles were unique. You knew their sound as soon as you heard it. They were even able to do something spectacular; create music that did not sound alike or generic. Their music transcended race and appealed to everyone with good taste in music. They even managed to have longevity in a genre that usually didn't last.

  • Yes they were

    How can you possibly not consider the Eagles a legitimate band with good music? The Eagles had many hits were definitely iconic for a period of time. I still believe their greatest hits albums are very popular. The Eagles are one of the all time great bands and should be recognized as such.

  • During their Era...YES!

    Oh yes...and they continue to have a stronghold on those from the past, and often their music is implemented and loved by those of today. The Eagles were an amazing band with great music. Their album Hotel California was such a massive huge hit, and fans stormed to concerts just to be a part of their music, and until recent they continued to build a new fan base. Not only good music, but great music!

  • Lots of Hits

    The Eagles were a popular band with a large number of hits and sales. Whether a band is good depends on the era in which it played. Today, we probably wouldn't think that Elvis is a good singer. He'd probably get laughed off of American Idol. But in his day, he was a star. The Eagles also produced hits that enthralled fans. This popular appeal is the definition of a good band with good music.

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