• Most assuredly, religion was a concern of the Founding Fathers.

    Freedom of religion was of great importance to the Founding Fathers of the United States of North America. Of course, religion was not their sole concern; yet, religious freedom played a prominent role in the shaping of the United States Constitution. Many individuals to this day consider the United States to be a Christian nation.
    It is true that Christianity held and continues to hold a great influence; although, the Founding Fathers were wise enough to provide safeguards for all forms of faith. Today, people of various ethic and cultural groups enjoy the freedom of practicing their religions without fear of government or societal condemnation.

  • Thinking Of Religion

    I believe the Founding Fathers were thinking of religion when they created the United States. Anyone who has studied history would know one of the major benefits of this country was the right to religious freedom. People did not want to be persecuted for their religious choices and this country offered an alternative.

  • Just about money

    The Founding Fathers were not intending on creating a Christian nation, and every reference to a God or Creator in any of the early political texts were merely formalistic expressions of the time. These people were intellectuals largely uninterested in religion, and more interested in creating a stable economy free of the reign of monarchy.

  • Deists With Rationale

    The Founding Fathers were very independent in their time from the norm of organized religions. Benjamin Franklin for example was a profound thinker, philosopher, and inventor. He believed in the advancements of science, and lived his life to advance society, and specifically cited that he did not think God to be his main inspiration.

  • It was in there

    The founding fathers gave people the right to believe what ever they wanted to. Contrary to popular belief by religious people, this country was not founded on Christianity. Religious people just like to say that because they think their beliefs are under attack, for what ever reason. Most people who do not believe in the same things could careless what other people believe in.

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