• People were there

    During the Holocaust many bad things were done to people who did nothing but belong to a certain religion. One of the things that actually happened was gas chambers. They put people into boxes and pumped gas into them in order to kill the people inside of them. There were people there that saw the gas chambers and watch people walk in and dead bodies come out.

  • I don't know, what do you think?

    Of course they were real! How do you think so many people died? It was an efficient way to murder by the tens in death camps. At first the executers attempted to shoot all the people sent to die, but it wasted bullets. Gas chambers were the solution to the problem.

  • Who doubts it?

    I think the Holocaust Museum up north should be a tell tell sign that yest it is real. Over 11 million Jews, blacks and gypsies where killed in extreme genocide by the Communist Nazi party. Millennial kids do not know much about this topic because they do not talk about it much in Public schools, because its "TOO HORRIFIC" and damaging to kids. Teach the correct history in our schools, or we are doomed to repeat it.

  • "Shower Time, Jews!"

    If the Gas Chambers in the Holocaust were not real...How would we have pictures showing Jews in showers that aren't really cleaning them? In fact, they're not cleaning them, they're killing them!

    In 1944, Nazi Germans committed the first test run in Poland, where Polish Jews were being tested for how much Cyanide Gas was required to kill a human being. The Nazis found exactly how much they needed. And so they went through with the idea and killed thousands of Jews with these Chambers. These Chambers were found in Camps such as: Auschwitz, Auschwitz-Birkeneau, Bergen-Belsen and more.

    And then, post-death, the Nazis would dumb the bodies into piles and march around looking for living Jews to kill. The Nazis would say it was 'shower time' when really it was time to gas Jews.

  • I’ve been inside the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

    As a tourist, obviously, I wasn’t an SS guard during the War! Actually, they have been rebuilt; the Nazi’s destroyed the original buildings before they abandoned the concentration camp in order to cover up their crimes.

    Still, I know they existed because my ex-wife’s grandfather was a Czechoslovak resistance fighter who was captured and interred there and survived to tell the tale.

  • Of course they were real!

    Whoever thinks that the gas chambers are not real is a holacaust denier. I saw them at the march of the living and nazis confirmed that they were real during nazi trials! When I voted yes, I saw that 23% of people voted no which is outrageous! Holocaust gas chambers are real!

  • Survivor stories are proof

    There are survivors that talk about the gas chambers. How they survived them, along with the other methods that were used to try to exterminate the people that the Nazi's thought were bad. Please educate yourself on the topic before assuming that you are being lied to about the biggest mass genocide in history. To say that this was all made up means that you have no consideration for the havoc that this brought upon the world. Not believing this increases the chances of it happening again; for history does repeat itself when it sees fit.

  • People were There

    My great grandma's friends dad died in a gas chamber in 1944. If you say no you are calling the woman a liar and being disrespectful to the thousands of people who died in them and yes the Germans could have killed two people a minute because in one chamber they built they could kill 1000 jews at a time and the smallest gas chamber found could fit at least 3 people. So yes they are 100% REAL.

  • Yes they were Real

    Gas Chambers were used to exterminate any Jews or undesirables In 1945 Us Allies went with giant tanks and knocked them down. There are museums showing gas chambers. Man many people were killed how many people died and were burned after going into the gas chambers. They were toold they were going to get disenfected

  • We all know how cruel was Hitler and there is so much evidence of his bad works.

    Go through internet and books for once and you will know what type of person he was and how much he hated Jews. And there are still so much places which tell us of the history you know.And the biggest evidence is the people who escaped from concentration camps,the documents can be seen in many ghetto and camp inhabitants who wrote diaries,kept notebooks,and created archives. The Holocaust live on in memoirs,fiction,poetry and museums in many parts of the world.

  • They are not real dick cheney did the whole thing

    My ding dong. The red menace. Codsworth. Dick cheney was a part of 9/11 as well and i will kill self if you no understand that power armor protect balls. Fallout new vgas ways bullshit Obama is gone and trump did ww3 so we no worry about hitler and no no

  • Lets crunch some numbers

    365 (Days in a year) * 6 (Years the war lasted) = 2190
    6000000 (Jews allegedly gassed) / 2190 (Days in six years) = 2740 (Jews killed per DAY)
    2740 / 24 (Hours in a day) = 114 (Jews killed per HOUR)
    This does not include the 5 million others who were also "killed", nor does it include the extra three million alleged by key Israeli leaders.
    This means, around the clock, Nazis were cleaning out, loading in, and killing Jews.
    Every minute, nearly TWO Jews were killed. Their fat was somehow turned into soap, their skin into lamps, and their gold teeth were plundered.
    How could the Nazi's accomplish such a feat?
    Simple: They couldn't.
    Please post more basic math.

  • Most efficient and economic way to kil

    German doctors were experimenting with multiple ideas how to kill the most people with the least effort. Gas chambers represented one of these "great" ideas. Just knowing how "human" mind works regarding problem solving gas chambers are straightforward thinking as a solution to eliminate large mass of people. They even "dreamed up" many different solutions how to disintegrate the bodies efficiently .

  • Exaggerated figures and empirical data, combined with "forced" confessions leave plenty of room for reasonable doubt...

    In the beginning, the Allies charged that 4 million people were killed at Auschwitz. However this "figure" was actually "invented by the Soviets (who had liberated the camp toward the end of the War) and was accepted as fact for many years.
    In 1989, an Israeli historian (Yehuda Bauer stated that "it is time to finally acknowledge the familiar four million figure is a deliberate myth." This figure has since been revised from four million down to between 700,000 -630,000, depending on which historian you quote (Gerald Reitlinger or Jean-Claude Pressac).
    Also, it pays to remember that the massacre at Katyn, where approximately 20,000 - 22,000 Polish Officers, gendarmes, landowners, saboteurs, factory owners, lawyers, officials, and priests were murdered by the Soviet NKVD, under the direction of Lavrenti Beria, was at first, blamed on the Germans during the Nuremberg War Tribunals... The Soviet government finally acknowledged guilt for this action on April 13, 1990.
    Next, we have the so-called "confession" of Rudolf Hoess (sic), former commandant of the Auschwitz-Birkeneau complex... Although still widely still cited as "proof" of the Auschwitz extermination myth, it is in fact, a false statement, obtained specifically by the use of torture. Bernard Clarke, a sergeant in British Military Intelligence during the War, gave a detailed description of of how he and five other British soldiers tortured Hoess to obtain his confession. Indeed Hoess himself explained, "Certainly I signed a statement that I killed two and a half million Jews. I could just as well have said that it was five million Jews. There certain methods by which any confession can be obtained, whether it is true or not."
    Finally, we have absurd claims of massive cremation. Multiple cremation experts have confirmed that thousands of corpses could not possibly have been cremated every day throughout the spring and summer of 1944, as many proponents of the "extermination myth" allege. With the amount of cremation ovens, the amount of coke (from coal) that was allocated for operation of said ovens (obtained by decoded Allied intercepts of communications traffic between Auschwitz and SS High Command), the poor performance of coke as a fuel for cremation in general and the massive amount of corpses that were supposedly cremated, there is simply NO WAY TO MAKE THE MATH WORK!! There would not have been enough fuel and most importantly, there would NOT HAVE BEEN SUFFICIENT TIME to accomplish this. Thus, the empirical data cannot support the claims of the "extermination myth."
    Conclusion: If I were juror, asked to determine the validity of the "extermination myth", based upon the aforementioned evidence, I would have to conclude that those proponents of the "extermination myth" DID NOT SUFFICIENTLY PROVE THEIR CASE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT!!!

  • Not Enough Evidence

    I am not a denier but it is clear from my research that the vast majority of deaths were correlated with starvation, disease, exhaustion from forced labor, or gunshot wounds. The gas chamber is a myth created after the war that is fortified by white guilt and has been used to justify the creation of Israel.

  • How would we really know?

    Everybody says there are "statements" and yes sure many many people died and perished during this time but there's no evident proof that they existed, everybody saying "11 millions jews black and gypsies perished" are just stating lines from random people who stated that, but unfortunately we will never know. For instance, when you think "showers" you instantly think water, but now think of this, with 6 million Jews who "died" do you know how much water that would be in such a concentrated area? Not just that but it can easily be noticed that everything people are saying to back it up is just "she was there she saw it and knew" I laugh at their face, because i simply can't believe them, how many times in the past has someone lied under oath, if you think never then you are very very naive, how many times did people say something because they were scared to tell the truth? If you say never again, you're very naive.

    **Bonus question. - Who is to say Russia wasn't the one who put the "evidence" there. Why would the germans if thinking they were in the right, leave behind that evidence? There's no logical reason, either they left something on purpose or the Russians put together their own worst nightmares and said it was the Germans, Just because you can make a gun with legos doesn't mean you cant make a heart with the same exact amount of legos.

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