Were the Lowlanders (Scotland) responsible for the British Empire?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Things they did were worse than Hitler

    The Highlands and the south of England are free of the brutal history that characterizes the south of Scotland and the north of England (Cumbria especially). It was a Lowlander who out of deceit and greed (James I) wanted the crown of England and led a brutal invasion. It was a Lowlander who colonized Virginia and started the brutal atrocities on the continent against the Native Americans (James I). It was the Lowlanders who started Jim Crow. It's in the Viking blood I tell you (since the Lowlanders are mostly Danes [Anglo-Saxons]). That portion of Scotland should be held responsible for crimes against humanity. It was the Lowlanders who took it upon themselves to brutally conquer Africa and India.

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