• Yes they were.

    Jews come around and act as if they are at the top of the world and the rest of humanity is nothing. It is about time that we show the world we do not need the Jews in this world because we do not benefit from them in any way.

  • Yes they were.

    Fuck Jews. They are a race of despicable and less capable people. If you can call them people that is. It is time that we the people stand up against this Jewish menace, drive them out of our lands. They were responsible for 9/11. They must all be killed. Fuck Jews.

  • No They Were not

    They believed they were right, kind of how I believe I'm right about this. They will do what ever it takes because they think that they are correct but they really weren't, the thought Jews were doing all this negative stuff to the economy and disregarding all the rules and did what ever they wanted to, when they really weren't. Jews at the time were some of the richest people, and the majority had college degrees. Hitler was just very jealous that the Jews had all this money and this knowledge, so he did what he did to make him more powerful and more respected. Hitler did it purely out of jealousy. They were not right.

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