Were the Nazis one of the greatest military powers of all time?

Asked by: MikeW81
  • Yes they were

    I put them up there with the Ancient Romans and such. The Nazis could have easily ruled the world if they: 1) didn't invade Russia until after they conquered England. 2) didn't invade Egypt/Africa until they've won the war in Europe. 3) if they didn't exile all of the Jewish scientists (then they would've developed the atomic bomb first) 4) Picked better allies than Japan and Italy. The Nazis and Japanese really couldn't help each other in combat and Italy was pretty weak. 5) Removed Hitler from power when he decided to go against his generals advise.

  • Not at all.

    The Nazis weren't even close. The Russians, Japanese, and Americans were stronger at the time. The only reason they took over so fast is because people 1. Weren't expecting it and 2. The surrounding countries did not have good military forces at the time. (Poland, Denmark, Italy) Not to mention they got some ally support from Italy, Austria, and Czechoslovakia.

  • Yes, it is one of the most Powerful.

    There ever was. They Conquered whole Europe in the span of just five years, plus, they introduced the World to a new Military tactic called Blitzkrieg (Lightning War). They had one of the most advanced futuristic weapons during the Second World War. If Nazi Germany was as big as Russia, They would've conquered the whole world. The only reason they lost the war is because they're outnumbered.

  • Massive Military State

    Nazi Germany was, at the time, one of the biggest militaristic nations in the world. Germany had one of the largest armies in the world and have enough manpower to invade: France, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark and also air mass-bombarded Great Britain. Think about all of the battles that Germany fought in. Germany took on the whole of a 50+ country military force known as the 'Allied Powers'. And they still almost won. It was not until the final push of Germany performed by the Soviet Union that Germany almost won the war and successfully got away with its war crimes. Nazi Germany was a nation of wealth, military and diplomatic power. It was very powerful, I am no doubt of that. They took down so many European powers and got Italy, Japan and Austria on their side, which lead to the invasions and occupations of African nations. My best example is the 1935 Italio-Ethiopian Crisis (1935 Fascist Italian invasion and occupation of Ethiopia).

  • You Can't Deny

    You can't say the Nazis weren't powerful, it's just a false statement. Did they do unnecessarily heinous things? Yes. But just because they offend some people, they're not automatically a weak force, or something. If they were able to hold so long during World War II, they were obviously a strong army.

  • Yes, they were.

    Its something we do not want to think about, but the Nazis were certainly a force that could have destroyed the world if they were not so power hungry and done things in a more logical way. The only reason I can think people would deny this question is that it leaves a bad taste in our mouth to think that a Fascist state can do so well when it goes against our sensibilities to treat people as equals.

  • Easily one of the best

    One on one, every Allied nation would have lost to the Nazi military machine. As terrible as they were, what they were able to accomplish in strategic war strategy and technological innovation is astonishing. It took two large countries with unlimited resources to finally defeat them. That only happened because the Russians were willing to take extreme casualties and the USA bombed all of their industrial targets into submission. The technology and personal that was taken from them after the war is what created NASA.

  • No he wasn't.

    Nazis lost, only winners can be the greatest military power. America is possibly the greatest military power ever nothing can compare to it. You only need to know that America always wins and winners are powerful. Lol you guys need to learn a lot more about the world and how America never lost a war. America is the only true power.

  • No they were not.

    Oddly the German military forces from 1939 to 1943 were probably one of the greatest military powers ever seen up to that time. However very bad intrusion by the Nazi political party hampered, then crippled and eventually destroyed the war machine. The German high command did not want to invade Russia, but Hitler demanded it. This and other meddling by the Nazis only aided the allied victory.

  • Yes, but not the greatest

    The Nazis indeed did have one of the greatest military powers, that is evident. They managed to conquer the majority of Europe in just a short period of time. Are they THE greatest? In my opinion, no. That belongs to the Mongol Empire. Sure, it was in a different time period, different weapons, but the Mongols not only conquered Asia, but the Middle East and parts of Europe too. They had excellent military tactics that enabled them to take over such areas, and showed no mercy.

  • No, they weren't.

    The Nazis executed all the Jews and used fear and terror to gain superiority back then in Germany. Although they may have the charismatic Hitler, they didn't manage to put the needs of the Germans first than to the self-interests of Hitler. By forcing the Germans for support, the military was actually losing it as the Germans had no sense of peace and security from his outrageous rule. Remember, we are all debating based on HINDSIGHT!

  • They were more powerful most others, yes, but not of all time.

    The roman empire and the British empire, were both closer to world domination and stronger (militarily) in comparison to the surrounding nations.

    The Third Reich was certainly a powerful nation, no doubt, but they were lead by a man who played his cards wrong, and it crumbled way faster than the two others I just mentioned.

  • Of all time? No.

    The Nazis had a very short & limited run. If they had been one of the greatest military powers of all time, i.e. in history, they would have managed to defeat the UK, US & USSR. They did not. And Lord knows, before the U.S. entered WWII, the opportunity was certainly there to topple the UK! Still, it didn't happen. The Roman Empire had one of the mightiest militaries, in history. And the Romans had the track-record to prove it. The Nazis had more ambition than they actually had ability.

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Seeginomikata says2014-06-03T02:26:29.033
The question is too open-ended and unclear. "one of the ... Of all time" doesn't really mean anything.
democratblake says2014-06-03T13:12:07.080
I think they could of been if Hitler had not have been so stupid like when his military leaders told him they are just balloons but nooo hitler sent thousands of troops to fend of balloons opening the door for the allies.