Were the Nordic countries the least imperialist (no opinions; facts)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • I think no.

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  • Seriously the idiocy is getting more hilarious; that's like saying the moon was never landed on

    And I'm not gonna insult someone that I know, because it seems he agrees with me on the facts. But I've run into some idiots who say Denmark, Sweden, Israel are the friendliest countries with the cleanest histories. LOL what? Those people are some of the most arrogant, mean and polite at the same time people. Lol
    Denmark brutally plundered Greenland for centuries. Israel is very racist and does attack Palestine. Seriously, the idiocy of people is funny.

  • Sweden was once an empire

    The question is very simple to answer. Sweden was once a massive Nordic empire (as seen here: before they invaded Russia. Isn't it a coincidence that most empire fall shortly after invading Russia? There was the French, the Polish, the Germans. Nobody invades Russia (unless you are the Mongols)

  • Germanics Will Rule The World

    Mr. Adam,

    I wholeheartedly agree that Germanic nations are the most imperialist. The Germanic people have conquered for thousands of years and make their nations stronger by conquest. The Germans killed the Roman Empire, that is how strong they are. Greenland was never civilized or densely populated before the glorious Danes entered. Finland was a weak collection of tribes before Sweden entered and gave them civilization.

    The nation of England was formed on the Germanic Saxons who conquered the British isles and brought light to the barbarian Celtic peoples.

    And Spain would not be like it is today if it ere not for the Visigoths who came to help and save Spain from destruction from the Umayyad caliphate. Visigothic Hispanics are certainly the most ambitious, powerful, and strong willed out of all the Hispanic people.

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