• Contributed many things to England and unified the country

    Say what you will about them -- how they're "arrogant," "foul-mouthed," "savage" -- but they did a lot of great things. Let's be real, Danelaw was a cruel empire. And the Normans ended many vicious practices such as slavery, which Danelaw permitted. When Cromwell restored the Anglo-Saxon way of things, what did he do: he went to conquer Ireland, cruelly oppressing them.

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Adam2isback says2014-11-28T01:09:31.390
And yes the majority of the curse words in the English language, with a few exceptions, are mostly from the Normans or any other Mediterranean.
"F--k" comes from the Greek word "phyo"
"P--s" comes from the French word "pisser"
"C--k" comes from the French word "coq"
"C--t" comes from an unspecified Greek word