• Yes they were

    There is no penalty that can make up for what those victims endured. Some of the sanctions affect the school for years to come. However the sanctions against Penn State also penalized students who weren't responsible for the crimes, as well as penalizing the university itself. Anyone who knew about what happened should be penalized and penalized harshly.

  • The penalities for Penn State's sex scandal were strong enough.

    The penalties for Penn State's sex scandal were strong enough. I think that the appropriate penalties were handed out in the cases. They will probably never have to experience that again because now they are on high alert to make sure that nothing like that will ever happen again ever.

  • They were too strong

    The sanctions imposed by the NCAA were uncalled for. They had no right to intervene like they did, and it was not within their power or obligation to punish the university. They penalized the whole institution for the mistakes of a few people. And I don't care what the Freeh report says, I do not believe that Paterno intentionally participated in a cover-up.

  • Football should be indefinitely banned.

    No, the penalties for Penn State's sex scandal are not strong enough, because Penn State knew what was going on. In the name of almighty football, they allowed children to be abused rather than to stop the abuse. Penn State should not have a football team for the foreseeable future, until every employee at Penn State has been replaced.

  • The football program should have been disbanded, or at the very least, suspended.

    The crimes that took place under the Penn State Football program were heinous beyond any other college sports scandal. The guilt was also not limited to one man -- multiple highly placed persons knew about it and ignored it or allowed it to continue. It is indicative that the entire University and football program had lost it's way to the extent where they put the sport above all else, even the most basic sense of human decency and dignity. The only just cure and punishment for this was the complete disbandment of the Penn State football program, or at the very least its suspension.

  • Anything less than the death penalty is too weak.

    No, I do not think that the penalties for the sex scandal were strong enough. If it were up to me, people who exploit children sexually, and serially, should not be sent to prison. They would be fast tracked to execution. Penn State leadership knew what was going on. There are no excuses.

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