• The coach is always right.

    For any game that includes pulling of team efforts and more so basketball, the coach serves the role of strategy decisions and player role allocation. A major problem arises when the players don't respect or listen to their coach. Piston wouldn't listen to the coach often and thus both decreasing his efficiency and team efficiency. He had to be cut loose.

  • Josh Smith Is Terrible

    Josh Smith is the most talented, and at the same time, awful basketball player to take the court in decades. His lack of effort defensively is stunning, even for a player whose supposed offensive skills are the key to his talent. His shot selection is baffling, and he has never made his teams any better by being on the floor. The Pistons had to do something, and this was the right call for a team currently going nowhere.

  • Yes, the Pistons were right to drop Josh Smith.

    As the Pistons' record so far indicates and Stan Van Gundy himself noted, the Pistons appear to be headed for one of the most abysmal seasons in franchise history. On the other hand, they have a number of promising young players, such as Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. Since Josh Smith is obviously not inclined to work with Van Gundy to help improve the team, they would be better off giving the young players a chance to play and develop, rather than watch Josh Smith continue to take, and miss, boat loads of shots every game.

  • No, from a financial standpoint the Detroit Pistons were wrong in releasing Josh Smith.

    Financially speaking, the recent release of Josh Smith by the Detroit Pistons was fiscally irresponsible. The Pistons were aware of Smith’s age when they signed a four-year contract with him 2 years ago, and releasing him with nearly $26 million remaining on his contract is unbelievable. Additionally, sports franchises should be held to some of the same standards as other businesses when age discrimination is a factor. Coaches always have the option of not playing a player, but to release a player and still pay an immense salary just does not make good financial sense.

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