Were the Radical Republicans really a bunch of elitist racist imperialists?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Lincoln was a good guy who was against slavery, but the Radical Republicans were just a thieving imperialist bunch

    Something about the Radical Republicans makes me say they have the same vicious qualities the Klansmen (who were Democrats, but with some Republican members as well). When people talk about how the Civil War was really Anglo-Saxon imperialism, one can't help but think, "Radical Republicans." Now they may have been against slavery, but they had their own devious agenda, which including driving Native Americans off their land and whatnot. Sherman is a good example of this. So while I love Lincoln, I don't honor the history of the Radical Republicans

  • Wanted to End Slavery, Opposed Lincoln's Views

    Radical Republicans weren't elitist or racist. They wanted an unconditional end to slavery without compensating slave owners whatsoever. These northerners want a harsher policy of reconstruction and didn't believe Southerners were loyal to the north after the war ended. Radical Republicans weren't necessarily racist--they wanted slaves to be free. They might have been elitist in that they were harsh on the South and opposed Lincoln's plan for reconciliation and reconstruction.

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