Were the Robber Barons/Captains of Industry Bad?

Asked by: thespriteguy
  • Because I Said So

    I would like to make this a formal argument that Robber Barons are bad because I want to make this side have a differing number that what that was for the "No" said. So the answer shall be yes. Because I said so. #YOLO #SWAG2K15 #DEEZNUTZ By the way your mom was excellent in bed last night. Jk lol she just sat there and took it like the bag of sand she is.#savage #noregrets

  • The American Economy was Linked by Railroads, Fueled by Oil, and Built by Steel...

    Without the help of these people the standard of living in America would be nowhere close to what it is today. In addition, many of them donated large quantities of money to charity or beneficial organizations. For example, JB Duke gave millions of dollars to Trinity University. While they were not always perfect I don't believe they deserve the phrase Robber Baron.

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