• Yes, GM execs' salaries during the bailout were way too much.

    The financial crash that lead to the government bailout of US automakers will easily go down as one of the most significant, not to mention one of the most catastrophic, financial events of the last 50 years. On one hand, you could argue that the executives of GM couldn't have predicted this event any more easily than the next guy. On the other hand, the near-collapse of their company meant that thousands of workers lost their jobs, and taxpayers, many of them also common workers, footed the bill to bail the company out. This being the case, the corporate executives at the top should at least have to endure a significant decrease in pay for the government bailout to be justified and fair.

  • Yes, they were too much

    Yes, the salaries GM execs received during the bailout were way too much as they shouldn't have had any extra salaries but should have taken a cut in their pay in order to reduce the amount needed to bail GM out. The execs are often paid too much for too little work and then wonder why it goes wrong

  • yes i agree!

    Alot of people agree, the bailout was too much. It is unfair to all the hardworking citizens who put in the real labor, while these people sit and make demands behind a desk. The actual work force doing the work should be getting more money than these people. It's ridiculous

  • No, the salaries that the executives received were what was owed to them.

    Even though it is understandable that some people would be upset about the amount of the salaries of the GM executives, it is what they were paid in accordance to pre-made agreements. Only when you compare it to the salary of a blue collar GM worker of course it would seem very high.

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