• More of Mayweather's blows counted.

    Mayweather's tactic in fighting is to defend first and foremost and to make the blows that he lands count. Therefore, with an opponent like Pacquiao, it may seem as though Pacquiao was winning, but a significantly fewer number of his punches actually landed. Mayweather actually landed 148 blows to Pacquiao's 81.

  • He won quit crying

    You sports fanatics are worse than WWE fanatics, just because he beated his wife doesn't mean he will lose, yah the fight was crap and garbage, but Mayweather isnt a bad fighter.

    Mayweather is the winner, stay mad cry babies, it wont change, you should have never paid so much for a garbage fight. Done..

  • Mayweather Won Fair and Square

    The rules of boxing are clear. If a fighter lands a punch, a judge is required to record it. This removes a lot of subjectivity from the fight scores, because it doesn't allow for judges to determine the quality of the punches. This scoring framework fits Mayweather's fighting style, and ultimately, it gave him the win.

  • The scores were a little off.

    Espn reported that during the fight the ref did not talk to the scoring table right. Not all judges agree in boxing and that was clear in this ref Dave Moretti scored the fight 118-110 for Mayweather and others there like Glenn Feldman and Burt Clements had went with 116-112. Most agree they had the right winner but not the right scores.

  • Pacquiao was even worse than the score

    Manny Pacquiao looked old and tired during the fight. I did not feel that he won more than two rounds. I think the scoring was a bit generous to him. If he honestly feels he won that fight, he may need psychiatric help. He should count his money and retire in luxury

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