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  • The Tiananmen Square protesters of 1989 were not foolish

    The Tiananmen Square protesters of 1989 were not foolish. All the students who fought to expose the corruption in the country will be remembered, even if the country has done its best to erase that important piece of history. The student protesters were fighting for a more justified democracy, and they will always be remembered as brave people in my opinion.

  • They left a legacy.

    No, the protests in 1989 of Tiananmen Square were not foolish, because they had a lasting impact. The protests became known all over the world, and for multiple decades. Whoever thought to do them to make a political point was brilliant. They did a good job illustrating the plight of the Chinese for the world.

  • The Tiananmen Square protesters were not foolish.

    To change an authoritarian government and society, good people of conscience must oppose that system. Gandhi showed that peaceful protest could prevail even in the face of brutal violence by the authorities. It is always a judgment call about whether the situation makes this a viable option. When asked why he did not try to use his non-violent teachings against the NAZI in WW II he replied to the effect that his techniques only work to change the minds of people who have a conscience. It was their choice, and the final results are not yet in about whether they succeeded in creating change.

  • No, we need people brave enough to stand up against corruption.

    No the Tiananmen Square protesters were not foolish. The protesters stood up against a government who sought to silence them with violence. The fact that the Chinese government had to resort to using assault riffles and tanks to stop the protests proves that the protesters had something important to say. It is my opinion that the protesters were not foolish but instead they were incredibly brave to stand up against that kind of oppressive government.

  • No, they were not

    People need to stand up for what they believe, the future results of that moment proved to be worth it. The iconic tank man will go down as one of the best moments I have ever seen in history. Its crazy that he had the mindset to do something like that and not think he was gonna be crushed.

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