• They sacrificied their lives for what they believed in.

    Yes, the students and other Chinese nationals who participated in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests are heroes. They should be considered martyrs, even. We'll never know what happened to them after China shut off the news cameras. But they were likely killed, or sent to prison where they were tortured and then killed. But they took a stand for their beliefs in a nation that is very oppressive. That took the courage and heart of a hero to do.

  • Yes, they were.

    The protesters who stood in Tiananmen Square in the yeae 1989 are heroes. They should still be applauded for the bravery they showed toward a governemt that would not hesitate to capture, jail, or kill them. We need more people to show that sort of bravery right now in today's age.

  • Yes, They were heroes!

    The Tiananmen Square protesters of 1989 were courageous for their stand against the Chinese government. The famous images showing one of the protesters facing a tank in peaceful defiance demonstrated true heroism. Although the protesters may have hoped to spark a national movement, they truly must have known the danger in which they had placed themselves and the tremendous risk in crying out for liberty. Those brave souls should indeed be remembered as heroes to all freedom-loving people.

  • Yes, the Tiananmen Square protesters of 1989 were heroes.

    The Tiananmen Square protesters of 1989 were heroes. I believe this is because the protesters attempted to make a civil rights stand against the government to declare that all citizens be treated equally and with respect. The citizens of China that were involved in the protest sought reforms to improve Chinese society and government. I believe that any group of people that aim to increase the standard of living within their community should be seen as a hero. Thus, the protesters of Tiananmen Square were heroes.

  • Yes, the protestors at Tianenmen can be considered heroes.

    I definitely think that the protesters at Tiananmen Square of 1989 were heroes. I thiink that it took a lot of courage to stand up to an oppressive regime. And the protesters were willing to do that despite the consequences. Some even died for their beliefs. That is something I think is admirable.

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