Were the trials that convicted Nazi war criminals just a victor's justice?

Asked by: froos4077
  • They were needed, but not fair

    There's no doubt that the Nazi war criminals sentenced to death or imprisonment deserved it. However, it wasn't necessarily a full justice. The USSR committed terrible actions that were arguably much worse than the Nazis, but they weren't punished. Even the Americans and the British committed terrible war crimes such as the deliberate killing of civilians and prisoners of war. If the trials were 100% just, then allied military officers should have been at least given prison time.

  • Those who blame are the one to blame!

    The Nazi's might've committed many horrific crimes, but why not blame the USSR, and the US? The Soviets did way more deathly-like crimes. Also, the US killed many innocent civilians that never did anything wrong to them! I say yes because there's absolutely no reason to blame just one nation that done many crimes, and not blame those nations that blamed that one nation, even though they have done way more crimes. In this case, the U.S. and the USSR are both blaming the Nazi's for their criminal acts against the innocent.

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