• Innocent until proven guilty

    For me at the moment the key rests with the backpack evidence. There is a photo of the supposed backpack post-blast circulating on the web. I would like to see an "official" photo from the scene showing the backpack. If the photo out there is the actual bomb recepticle, then more explanation is required as to why it does not match either of the backpacks carried by the Tsarnaev brothers in the surveillance video. Did they have extra backpacks somewhere? Backpacks inside of backpacks?

    While I see that as the key, there are so many inconsistencies and improbabilities with the official narrative:
    1) Killing the MIT officer to get his gun, but not taking his gun after the killing?
    2) Shutting down an entire city, but not declaring martial law, for ONE suspect? Is that now a precedent? Should we expect that for everyone "on the loose"?
    3) Our intelligence community had no idea who these guys were and needed the public's help to identify them? I'd be happy to show FBI or CIA agents how to use an Excel spreadsheet to file past subjects (more info is coming out that at least the older brother was known to authorities; I have a feeling we'll keep hearing about how either the CIA or FBI had knowledge of Tamarlan).
    4) Not fleeing after the bombing. Sticking around Boston and carrying on with their lives for a few days after killing with bombs is puzzling to me. If they wanted to "get away" with this and go back to normal, even the laziest of terrorists would obscure their identity some, no?

    These are just a few unsettling things for me. Just accepting the official narrative that comes out of mainstream media does not do it for me. Besides, there are so many unsanswered questions and inconsistencies and unaddressed topics (bombing drill being conducted? What agencies were involved there at the finish line? Were those tan pants/dark jacket guys National Guard or private agencies or what?).

    It can be unsettling and sometimes scary, but free persons owe it to themselves, their loved ones and their country to do some work and dig on their own .... USE CRITICAL THINKING (if you don't know what that is, Google or YouTube it and then practice it. Do not make up your mind without it.).

    God Bless the injured and the deceased and all those affected.

  • There is enough reason to believe they are being framed.

    Many things do not add up. A. The brother's profile does not match with a terrorist. B. Police story had inconsistencies and contradictions: Saying Tamerlan was ran over by brother and video showing him being arrested fully naked, in handcuffs, walking to the police car without wounds. There are witnesses of this as well. C. The video where they supposedly dropped their backpacks is not to be seen. D. Officials are not answering questions as to why they were navy officials, sniffing dogs, prior to the bombing. E. Tamerlan and Dzokhar's backpacks do not match with the one where the bomb allegedly was. F. You really have to be a very good, warm-hearted guy, loyal and kind friend for your friends to speak up under these circumstances and defend you. G. Evidence against them so far is just the hear-say of people. No evidence has been shared with public. H. Tsarnaev Brothers only appear in the FBI video. From all the pics and video taken by the population, you find none with them at the site. I. I find it very odd that authorities in the beginning asked population to help them with pics and videos and 3 days later asking people not to believe in any video but the one they had. J. There is a video of shooting where you can hear brothers shouting 'we didn't do it'. K. Witnesses from alleged shooting did not hear any explosions, only gun shoots which contradicts what police is saying. L. Both brothers seemed more than perfect for scapegoats: Chechens, muslims, parents away, they are all alone. M. Pictures taken at the house of the suspects after the bombing show Dzokhar white/gray packpack. N. Friends speaking of Dzokhar behavior after bombing: does not seem what you would expect of a bomber. O. Tsarnaev brothers present a profile that seems to be suiting political agenda on immigration, benefits, CISPA, gun-control, etc.

  • Where is the proof?

    The only thing people have seen on the news is two people walking, wearing backpacks, caps, etc, like many others. I saw the videos people uploaded and i could easily spot 4 more potential suspects, there was 1 guy who had the exact backpack as the one that had the bomb, and in later pics the guy can be seen without the backpack....Wtf right, while the bros can be seen at all times with their stuff and two very different backpacks.The media that said they robbed a store later apologized, because the story was false, well the two bros were not involved.. There is a lot more info out there that people need to see, because following the media without any background or knowledge is useless. Don't allow others to manipulate your thoughts, heck don't take my word for it, have the courage to go and figure out by your self, until you are fully convinced, don't just swallow all the crap you hear or read.

  • Lack of transparency

    The one brother is killed. Not a peep is heard out of the other brother.
    Without any true proof it is making it a lot easier to accuse with either dead or silenced suspects.
    If they announced I was the person who did this, I'd go on the run as well.
    The videos from the areas around the marathon are anything but proof.
    Even if these guys are guilty our government needs to do a better job of giving us the information they have so that this doesn't become the norm:
    Terrorist act, random person accused, killed or sent off somewhere he can't talk, public forgets.
    We need transparency now before our government leaves us in the dark on everything.

  • No proofs, only propaganda.

    They don't have a picture or video of him carrying an explosive device. They need to RE-ENACT one to support the official propaganda.

    They don't have a picture of video of him placing an explosive device at the bomb site.

    They can't prove he killed the MIT cop.

    The carjacking "victim" known as Danny, changed his version many times.

    +++many others inconsistencies

    The only thing they have is pics and video of him following his brother around Boston.

  • False flag operation

    I believe the Tsarnaev brothers were framed by the government, but I'm not sure what the reasons are. There are just so many inconsistencies in e case and there's no evidence to support their guilt... And let's be honest, it wouldn't be the first time the government has done something of this sort. Many innocent Muslims have been framed by the government, so it seems realistic that this could be another similar case. Also, Dzhokhar plead not guilty to the charges against him, that definitely strengthened my belief that he and his brother are innocent and were indeed framed.

  • There Were No Bombs

    Extensive photo analysis has shown that the people who were supposed to have been injured and killed were in fact crisis actors with fake wounds, blood, and prosthetics. The bombs were smoke bombs, and came from the building, not from backpacks. No backpack bombs = no victims = brothers were framed.

  • Too many deaths in relation to bombing

    Some videos in other countries on YouTube show the brothers fleeing the bomb scene with their backpacks on. The arresting FBI agents both died accidentally since then. A friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot during a long FBI interview with unclear reasons, but is convinced that the Tsarnaev brothers were set up. Why all those deaths, if this all is really as clear as presented?

  • Completely and utterly framed

    Basically all of the above I would completely agree on.
    I'm no terrorist expert but surely they would not be able to go on as normal and not show any signs of what they had done.
    If the FBI where so hell bent on them doing it and having proof surely they would realize it?
    One more thing they have tried to say they had originally planned a suicide bombing, in this were the case why didn't they go through with it at the boston marathon?

  • No the Tsarvaev brothers were not framed

    No, I do not think that the Tsarvaev brothers were framed and that they acted together in planning and executing the Boston bombing. I think that both are extremists, and for some reason wanted to have innocent Americans die as a result of their bombs and both brothers worked together and with no one else.

  • I don't think they were framed.

    I believe, if they had not robbed that 7/11 and started throwing explosives, I may have thought twice. There was a seventeen year old boy, falsely accuse. He went straight to the police and cleared himself. If the Tsarnaev brothers were being framed, they should have done the same thing. Their running like they did only contributed to their guilt as far as I'm concerned. This was just a sad situation all the way around.

  • He has admitted it

    On top of the mountains of evidence presented in court, he admitted that he did it. He admitted it in court. They admitted it when the carjacked that poor young guy, who fled for his life at the gas station. Good people died at the hands of these two brothers. Many more have been maimed. A friend of mine lost her leg, her life has been shattered.

  • No, They Were Not Framed

    There are spectator pics/video of them there. They used same type pressure cooker bomb, plus smaller ones in the town that they had the shootout with MANY eyewitnesses. He ran over his brother in an attempt to run down police officers, again many eyewitnesses. That naked guy in another area was not older brother and was alive and well long after the older brother was dead. His friends have revealed him talking about building bombs and wanting to die a martyr. He was eager to claim responsibility in hospital as well as explaining reasons why he did it in a note that he left in that boat he expected to die in. There is more than enough solid evidence to prove guilt.

  • The Other Theory

    What if the brothers (who were clearly muslim with extremist leanings) wanted to create mass confusion and anger within the American community. Instead of owning up to their attack, they deny it and create a group of conspiracy nuts who do the work for them. The conspiracy theorists can potentially do more harm to this country than a bomb.

  • no they were not

    Even some things may be suspicious, do you think that if there were framed they would go on a shooting rampage, kill a random police officer, and try to hide as if they were going to be killed? If they were innocent, they would have not gone and do these things. For them to get into a shoot out just shows that something was wrong with them.

  • No the Tsarnaev brothers were not framed

    No, the Tsarnaev brothers were not framed and committed the atrocious act of the Boston Bombings all on their own. I think that there is more than enough evidence seen through video tapes and surveillance footage to significantly prove that the brothers planned and executed the crime on their own and were not framed.

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Anonymous says2013-04-25T01:00:52.113
Things don't add up. Cannot believe the law or the media.
Anonymous says2013-07-11T04:16:45.610
This story stinks to high hell, sorry it just does.

First you have the CRAFT mercenaries all over the marathon (their motto: violence DOES solve problems)and no explanation has YET BEEN GIVEN as to what the heck they were doing there....Other than what was visually obvious: Carrying black backpacks with small white squares on top JUST LIKE THE ONE THAT BLEW UP.

Then you have the EXECUTION of Todashev, the friend of the Tsarnaev brothers, who was UNARMED. They executed him in his own house. Six bullets and one to the top of the head is an execution, not an attempt to control an unruly suspect, Wake up and smell the Boston beans kids.

Then you have the bomb sniffing dogs and their handlers, roof spotters, the works, all the earmarks of an intense surveillance operation or drill....No explanation given for all of that.

Then you have the bomb drill that was announced on FACEBOOK prior to the explosions, saying they were going to stage a detonation across from the library AS PART OF A DRILL.

A terror event running alongside a 'drill'....How many times does THAT have to happen before people start asking some serious questions? Or do you instead choose to blindly believe what "your benevolent government" that spies on you 24/7, invades and bombs other countries that did not attack us and had no WMD's, and will soon be requiring you to purchase overpriced and inadequate health insurance ... Tells you?

Then you have the video of what is obviously a naked Tsarnaev alive and well, getting into a police car, next time you hear about him he's been both shot AND run over by a car, a gaping wound in his side.

Oh, that wasn't Tsarnaev you say? WHO WAS IT THEN?!? Again....NO EXPLANATION GIVEN. NO ONE has stepped forward and said, "Hey folks, that was another guy getting into that cop car naked, not Tsarnaev. No police report about the naked man who was arrested/detained, NOTHING.

As if this weren't enough, why is it that neither of the backpacks of the brothers match the one that was exploded? The one that was exploded was DISTINCTLY BLACK with a WHITE SQUARE on top of it. The brothers backpacks did NOT look like that. OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK.

I don't know about anyone else, but that's PLENTY for me to doubt the government's version of what happened, as much as ANY witness testimony from a witness in a court of law that has been proven MULTIPLE TIMES TO BE A LIAR.

WHY should the government be held to a lower standard of veracity than the public?!