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Were those protesters a few months ago are in the right

Asked by: FormerLeftist
  • Yes I am talking about Jan 6th

    These people were not terrorists as the leftist-run lamestream media would like to tell you. There were no bombs, Or molotovs thrown, And they never came with the intent to harm anyone. These were average American citizens who do not want to see this Country and our government be destroyed by marxists. Democrats cheated the election, There is tons and tons and tons of overwhelming evidence that there was voter fraud. There was Trump ballots thrown in rivers, Burned and shredded, And some "mysteriously" and "accidentally" got counted for biden. Americans will not stand by while radical marxists dismantle our republic. This isn't the last time Americans pay a visit to commie congress.

    The real insurrection is the massive voter fraud that democrats committed. I know it and you know it. The Arizona audit will make that undeniably clear and lead to more audits exposing fraud in other states. Trump will be sworn back into office by autumn

  • Yes, It absolutely is

    You stormed the capitol. If any other group did that you would call it terrorism. And the voter fraud you talk about has already been disproven. Also it’s Autumm lol. He still definitely isn’t close to getting put back into office. None of your statements have anything to back it up and many have in fact been disproven so ok, Sure, Whatever you want to believe.

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