• Noone in politics care

    To sit there and say liberals are any better than conservatives you are doing the same thing that you are condeming him for. Neither side cares. All they care about is money and power. On one hand it is a great thing that he said what he did. Not because of what he said but it shakes people (some people) from their brainwashed trance and critically think about the issue. On the other hand what he said was absolutely retarded both from a popularity standpoint and respect standpoint. But to say he is wrong because he is conservative is ignorant and retarded. He is wrong because what he said is retarded.

  • I'm going to say that it was a gaffe.

    Many Democrats have done gaffes too but Todd Akin's gaffe was on a very sensitive issue. It was a gaffe and it was a big one.

  • Nope

    The GOP has long been the party against women's rights. Most Republicans voted agains the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. One GOP candidate (Ron Paul) even opposed the Civil Rights Act, while at least two (Paul and Santorum) opposed contraceptive rights.

  • He's the tip of the iceburg.

    Misogynist feeling is growing and surfacing, encouraged by the Republican hatemongers. Akin's comment is indicative.

  • No.

    What he said wasn't close to anything else. I don't see anything he could've meant to say instead.

  • No.

    It wasn't a poor choice of words: it was a poor choice of opinion. He's just a moron.

  • Are you joking?

    A poor choice of words would be if he said that he didn't think a woman could get pregnant from rape. Not spending 5 minutes explaining this statement while telling people he has gotten this information from "doctors".

  • This guy is an extremist.

    He really believes there's a such as thing as "legitimate" and "nonlegitimate" rape. He thinks that rape that isn't physically forced isn't rape. This guy is awful.

  • bah

    He did not need to say those things.

  • Shameless plug

    But it is 100% related to this topic.

  • No...

    it is actually rare one gets pregnant from a rape, and thats a fact... However I dont think he needed to say it.

  • I would say no.

    While I understand his beliefs, not that I sympathize with them, he was pretty clear in his point. I don't believe in abortion in cases of rape either, but it was a really dumb thing to say.

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