Were unions created with the intention of subduing black people?

Asked by: Adam2
  • In some cases, this was one of the original purposes.

    In their early days, unions often did seek to exclude immigrants and black people. Nearly all early unions did not accept black workers. (Black workers later had their own unions). This is part of the reason why in the south, where black people made up a significant portion of the work force, unions were much less powerful, as there was not much unity among workers because different races of workers were represented by different organizations.

  • I can't help but get the impression that it is

    Let's face it unions and materialism seem to go hand in hand. The majority of black cities are corrupt and have a big problem with gangs. Not coincidentally, they are also pro-union. It seems that unions were done with that intention from what I see, sorta to keep blacks dependent on a culture of materialism.

  • Of course not.

    This is just a ludicrous and historically inaccurate statement. Regardless of the state of unions today, they were originally started to PROTECT workers- they are the reason we have standardized working hours, that companies must provide safe working conditions, that child labor was abolished, that we have a minimum wage. Without unions, the Industrial Revolution state of the workplace (dangerous, pitifully paid, near-slave labor conditions) might still exist.

    Nevermind that unions were created in the NORTHEAST, in response to industrial workplace conditions, during a period where blacks were barely present in that workforce. It was mostly white European immigrants that benefited from the creation of unions at first.

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