Were we, as humans, created with divine imagination by a higher being?

  • Too Many Amazing Coincidences Validate Belief in a Creator

    Apart from the amazing miracle of sentient life itself existing with the ability to reproduce the way we do, there are so many other phenomenal components associated with our existence that this allotted space won't begin to fit them all. Check out the miracle of the eye as a camera and consider how it could have randomly evolved into what it is today. Witness it in action when you play catch and explain how this same "camera" transmits a signal to your brain that tells your arm to move a certain direction to catch the ball. Such simple movements require a highly complex "camera," far superior to what man can build. And how about the Yucca plant, which can only be cross-pollinated by the Yucca Moth (also known as the pronuba moth), which in turn needs the Yucca plant flower to lay its eggs? They are symbiotic species that need each other to survive. How could the one (a plant) have randomly evolved to be such a perfect (and necessary) match for a completely separate species (an insect)? In his "Origin of the Species," Charles Darwin conceded, "If it could be proved that any part of the structure of any one species had been formed for the exclusive good of another species, it would annihilate my theory, for such could not have been produced through natural selection." The Yucca plant and the pronuba moth were formed for the exclusive good of the other, disproving Darwin's theory. If they evolved, they had to somehow evolve at precisely the same time and in the same location. Also, I've never heard an evolutionist offer a satisfactory explanation about the odds of a sun that is a million times larger than the earth perfectly blotting out a moon that is 1/4 the size of earth from the observation deck of this world that we call home. This is called an eclipse and when the moon blots out the sun, it is so perfect that we can see the sun's atmosphere (the corona). I've also never heard a satisfactory explanation of the Big Bang Theory - how at random all matter came into existence from a single point of cataclysmic explosion, then from the resulting explosion the ingredients were just right to form the "cesspool of life." I guess the big question is, "Where did the 'matter' that exploded come from?" The unsatisfactory answers I've received to this question pale in comparison to the answer I give to the evolutionists' challenge, "Where did your Creator come from?" Since creationists believe our Creator lives outside the space and time continuum, this in turn means that we cannot possibly comprehend His ways, His existence or His location. In fact, that's what the Bible has been saying all along (Isaiah 55:8-9). If we could all just look up into the heavens and see the Creator and/or explain how such an awesomely powerful Being came into existence, would we need to have faith that He exists?

  • Yes , We were given free will

    I believe that humans were given free will. I believe that we are given the option to choose what choices we make in life whether good or bad. I believe that our choices in this life determine our life after death. If we were given free will I believe we all would be robots doing the same things, liking the same things, disliking the same things etc.

  • Omnipotent Being Created Us to Have Free Will

    I believe a higher being created humans to have free will to follow their own pursuits. This omnipotent being knows all that will happen and gives us hints (signs) along the way. We can choose to pay attention to those signs or ignore them at our own peril. I don't thing we were imagined up by an omnipotent being, but have a higher calling to try to fulfill our own destiny on this planet.

  • Yes, but it doesn't disprove evolution.

    I think there is a higher being out there, and I believe that higher being is responsible for humanity, as well as the rest of the universe. However, I also believe that the higher being could well have used an iterative process in order to create things and made mistakes along the way-- I am not assuming that this creator is omniscient or omnipotent, merely higher than humans.

  • Higher Being

    According to the bible, we were all created by something bigger than us and something with much more divination than us. This higher being, this higher power can be something different for different religious aspects. What is important is feeling that knowingness that there is some being, whether it is God, Jesus, or the Goddess, that is bigger than us.

  • No, we weren't

    Humans were not created by some made us in his image, it is actually the other way round. We created this entity in OUR image. Also, "according to the bible" is not a valid argument in proving the existence of a higher being, the bible is merely a book, a fantasy book in other terms.

  • Humans Were not Created in a Divine Image

    Humans were not created by some magical higher being that made us in his image and likeness. We are a product of a million plus years of evolution. The way we look is simply a product of our environment and our ancestors. We are derived from the universe, not some mystical entity.

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