Were we justified in dropping the SECOND atomic bomb on Japan?

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  • The First and Last Nuclear War - The Long Path to nuclear power and how attacking Japan was the best possible scenario for humanity. Documentary

    The First and Last Nuclear War is a documentary that makes the argument that the sacrifice of 200,000 Japanese at Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved millions humans in the years that followed. If you check the nuclear scoreboard for additional use of nuclear bombs since WW2 on people the count stands at ZERO (It has been 70 years). Even though there were 75,000 nuclear warheads at the ready, none were ever used on people. The total today is only 15,000, but of course that is 15,000 too many. The images of the destruction and the video of the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki set a precedent that nuclear bombs are not a good thing. No matter how close the US and USSR seemed to be heading to nuclear destruction - no one on either side was ever going launch and attack. Government officials may seem to be inept at times, but none in either government was lame enough to launch an attack. The documentary also makes an attempt to show that World War Two's only reason for existence was the development of nuclear power. Most every conflict between humans leads to some new technology, because when you threaten a human all of sudden the human brain goes into overdrive. Examples: The American Civil War turned the north into an industrial giant with railroads, telegraph, weapons and medical knowledge greatly increased. The first World War rendered amazing airplane technology. World War Two - nuclear power and the Cold War between The Soviet Union and American gave humanity the ability to land a man on the moon. The documentary also discusses the causes of all conflicts and that stems from the groups that humans like to create. These groups are the religions, cultures and societies that permeate the planet. Humans create groups, make these groups as different as possible from the other human groups and these perceived differences create mistrust, conflict and then war. It looks like the human brain has a master plan to provide humanity with all the technology it will ever need for whatever reason we exist by forcing us to fight and then think to survive. Maybe it is time to stop fighting and start thinking about a purpose. A purpose to justify our existence.

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