• Yes women were liberated mostly by capitalism

    Yes I think women were mostly liberated by capitalism. Capitalism is mostly unbiased about gender, race or any other of these types of scenarios. Looking back at history communism and socialism have put limitations in gender and in this particular topic, women. Capitalism means that you are divided with society by the ability you have and not by gender.

  • No, They Were Not

    Women were the ones responsible for their liberation, not capitalism. I'm not sure why this is even a question, to be honest. Women were the ones who worked their butts off to be given the right to vote, not a form of an economic system. Women are the ones to credit themselves with their freedom.

  • Women Liberated Themselves

    Women freed themselves from oppressive gender roles and voter discrimination by standing up and demanding to be heard. It took national campaigns, rallies, and a concerted lobbying effort to place women on an equal societal footing with men. It had nothing to do with free markets, capital investment, or ideals of rugged individualism.

  • NO

    Women were liberated by changes in social attitudes that had everything to do with the rejection of rigid traditional gender roles as ill-suited for a modern economy.

    Those gender roles kind of make sense if you're living in a hunter gatherer or heavily agrarian society, but they don't make sense in one that is heavily industrialized.

    Women weren't liberated by capitalism. They were liberated by social changes that were allowed by the Industrial Revolution. They're related, but they're not really the same thing.

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