• Yes I was:

    I thought Orange was a good color so I gave it a go. I lost all 6 of my photos and had to remake my entire FB. I was really upset, and felt ugly, and stupid, but I really felt that Orange was my color and so I did what I thought was right.

  • I was not affected by the facebook color-changing scam.

    It is best to be cautious when using the internet. Even if the website is some place you frequently go to. The best thing to remember is, if the site has changed it's appearance or is asking for additional information from you, do some research and make sure the changes are legit.

  • No, I wasn't.

    Every day on facebook I see more and more people getting spammed on facebook and having their accounts hacked. I don't click on any links that my friends post or open any messages from unknown people. If facebook doesn't get this under control they are going to lose a lot of users.

  • There was a scam?

    I admittedly do not use Facebook a lot.I log on at times see what my friends and family say and post a few responses. Generally it is a platform for me to give my opinion to those who happen to stumble across my page. As such I did not really notice this scam nor would I have downloaded something to modify something so insignificant to me. I will not say all those who were infected with the virus have made Facebook a major part of their lives, however I do believe all those who were not affected did not feel a need to make our Facebook profile unique.

  • Submit To Facebook - No Fight Left

    At this point, anything that Facebook does is not a shock. Selling your information - okay. Following you wherever you go - check. Scam after scam after scam - shrug. Facebook is so ingrained in all of us now that they could pretty much do anything to us and we wouldn't really care. Facebook changed colors - no surprise here.

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