• Yes, I was shocked that the Jets beat the Patriots.

    I was shocked that the Jets beat the Patriots because of both teams' season record. Before the game, the Patriots had a 12-2 record and the Jets had a 9-5 record; it seemed most likely that the Patriots would win. Plus, Tom Brady is a very good quarterback so he usually helps his team score a lot which leads to victory.

  • Division rivals always play tough.

    It is true that the Patriots have been very dominant in the NFL since Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been in New England. However, division rivals play each other twice a year and have more familiarity with the teams in their division than with other teams. As a result, even when teams have a bad season, they can still match up well against the teams they play in the division. And on that note, the Jets are actually having one of their best seasons in recent years. They have a good shot at making the playoffs this year. While they have to chase a wildcard with New England's dominance, they are a formidable opponent and have a bright future ahead of them.

  • Not really that shocking

    I predicted the patriots would win, however I knew it was not a guarantee and the Jets had a great chance. Firstly anything can happen in a divisional game, it is especially hard for the visiting team. Secondly the patriots had already qualified for the playoffs and because of their easy final game against the Dolphins they are more or less guaranteed to be the number 1 AFC seed. Whilst the Jets were still battling for a playoff position and had a lot riding on the game. Finally the patriots have a lot of key players injured which means they were not to full strength and could be exploited.

    I was shocked at the patriots electing to kick to start overtime instead of opting to receive. Still have no idea what they were thinking, I think that Slater fellow forget it was overtime and just made a schoolboy error.

  • The Pats didn't even seem to care about the result of their Jets game

    The Patriots played like a team with no care about winning in Sunday's game versus the Jets. They lets 30 seconds expire before the end of the first half with 2 timeouts left, and trailing by 7, and when they won the coin toss in overtime, they opted to kick the ball. So overall, no I was not shocked by the Jets beating the Pats.

  • Anything can Happen in Football

    Any given Sunday the saying goes. Nearly every week at least one underdog beats a better team on paper. The Jets beating the Patriots wasn't even the biggest upset this week. Baltimore over the Steelers and the Panthers losing to Atlanta were more surprising. If they played 10 times, the Patriots would probably win 8 times, but not every time.

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