Were you surprised by Barry Manilow's recent marriage to his boyfriend?

  • He should know better

    He did learn as a kid bible info.And with that ,he must have known how GOD feels about Gay People.And yet he ignores it all and married Garry.I am scared that this is a big reason for God to punish him.All the other people react like the everyone would do.Totally wrong.But these people haven't got a clue how wrong they are.God doesn't like these people at all.My worries are very high

  • Manilow's Marriage Shocker

    Barry Manilow has been know to be a private guy, he's tried to keep out of the tabloids and not reveal too much about his personal life. Fans didn't know much about Manilow although there's been rumors about his love life for years. This latest announcement that he's married comes to a shock to some considering he's a private person, and nobody knew the truth about his love life or that he was involved with anyone.

  • Barry's New Marriage!

    I was not surprised by the fact that Barry Manilow recently got married to his boyfriend. I feel that they made a ethical and respectful decision to unionise their relationship. I feel that they loved each other very much, for them to take make such important decision to become life long partners.

  • Barry Manilow marries his longtime boyfriend

    Barry Manilow's boyfriend Garry Kief has lived with him for almost 20 years. Garry Kiefhas been around Manilow for a long time as his manager and the president of Barry Manilow Productions. It has been no secret that Manilow was possibly gay. As for the weeding, I say why not if they truly love each other.

  • It's been long rumored that Barry Manilow was gay.

    No personally I was not surprised by Barry Manilow's announced marriage. It has long been rumored that Barry Manilow was in a homosexual relationship with his manager. The fact that majority of his fans were female was the driving force for keeping the relationship a well hidden secret. I think he's finally ready to retire so he went public with the relationship.

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