Were you surprised to see Zack Ryder wrestle Stardust in Sunday night's WWE Elimination Chamber event?

  • Yes, it was a surprise to see Zack Ryder wrestle Stardust.

    It came as a complete shock to WWE fans when they watched Zack Ryder wrestly Stardust as no one had expected such a match up. Not that Ryder is a bad wrestler or anything, just that such an event was expected to have a different turn out than it did.

  • Where is all the talent?

    I found it very surprising to see two of the low to mid card at best jobbers in a match at a pay per view event. I understand with the tag team elimination chamber match and the IC title elimination chamber match that there was little talent left to fill the card but even an NXT debut would have drawn more attention.

  • I'm never surprised

    I'm never surprised at these events. The WWE knows how to put on a show. They will bring out performers from the past, ones that are too young, old, or somehow not up to snuff, and entertain the audience with it. WWE is really entertaining no matter what wrestlers are on.

  • I was not surpised to see Zack Ryder wrestle Stardust.

    It was bound to happen sooner or later. When Zack Snyder took on Stardust in a wrestling match at the WWE Elimination Chamber event on Sunday it was just another day at the meet. While bth Snyder and Stardust are extremely gifted athletes, the match was no surpirse as the gender lines are constantly being challenged.

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