Wes Welker is in contract talks with the Patriots. Should he leave if he can make more money playing for a new team?

  • He should go.

    Wes Welker needs to first and foremost watch out for himself and his family. If that means to follow the money and go elsewhere, then he should do that so as to make sure that he is taken care of. The Patriots have been good to him, but he can do well elsewhere.

  • He Should Go Get Paid

    Wes Welker has rings to his name, so I think he should leave the Patriots and go get more money. Championships are not going to pay for his health complications after he retires. Wes is a great player and will do well wherever he goes. Go get your money Wes.

  • Yes, in the end it is strictly a business decision.

    This is his career we are talking about. If you look at it from the NFL owners' point of view, they don't take into consideration how long a player has been there or how much the fans and team mates love said player. The owners look at the salary cap situation, the amount of output per dollar, and the longevity of the player. With that being said, Welker needs to look out for his financial well-being just like the owners of the industry he works for.

  • This is an easy question

    I would love to say that I'd stay and be loyal, but players leave much more often for a payout than for a winning situation. As it happens, going to Denver was probably an upgrade even over the Pats. Either way, though, would I do the same? I'd like to say no, but it's hard to claim that I would. Good luck to him.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I think I am a bit late to this opinion piece, since Wes Welker has already signed a contract with the Denver Broncos. With that being said, I don't think that he should have left the Patriots. They were very good to him and he was a good fit with Tom Brady.

  • He is Best With the Pats.

    Wes Welker is a great player, but not without an equally great quarterback. We saw what he did in Miami before he got to New England. Yeah, he was a pretty solid player, but he was nowhere near the caliber player he is as a Patriot. He should do himself a favor and stay.

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