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  • I do not think the Teens are dead already.

    I do not believe hat the West Bank Teen are already dead. I think who ever has them are using them as leverage and will not hurt them already. I think they are going to come up with demands that they have and that after if they are not made then they might be hurt.

  • Chance of Finding teens Alive until Proven Otherwise

    Until there is certain proof that the teenagers are dead, the search must continue and we shall hold out hope. Though there is a high chance of murder at the hands of a terrorist group, we cannot be certain of their current status and should continue to treat it as a kidnapping as opposed to a murder investigation.

  • No, I don't believe they are.

    Usually when people are abducted for political reasons, which this seems to be, then they are kept alive until they are able to ask for a ransom or make their demands through a video. I believe there was a bigger reason they were captured and not just to be killed. Hopefully this is true in this case and they can be rescued safely.

  • They are hostages.

    No, the teenagers that were kidnapped in the West Bank are not dead already, because there is no evidence of that. More likely, they will be dressed in Islamist clothing and forced to make statements against their belief. They will be used in an attempt to gain ransom. They are being held hostage.

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