West Texas explosion: Is chemical fertilizer too dangerous?

  • Yes, it seems to be

    Although proper safety customs probably were neglected in this accident, it still seems to be too dangerous if it can cause such destruction. Just imagine if someone who wanted to intentionally harm people were to get some of this stuff, they could do some major damage. It is not worth the risk.

  • It obviously is.

    Not only was the fire and explosion bad, but there has also been ammonia released into the air. The explosion was described as that like a nuclear bomb. There are still many people missing, and over a hundred injured. The dead have not yet been counted. The explosion was so bad that it leveled homes and a nearby school. A nursing home was severely damaged. It was horrible and anything to do with chemicals is just too dangerous.

  • Not always, but usually

    I don't think we should ban fertilizer on the grounds that more plants are going to blow up, as that's highly unlikely. A better argument is the possible environmental damage chemical fertilizer does when used in bulk. Although I'm not absolutely sure of this so please don't ban anything on my account.

  • The chemicals have very tight security.

    They are used in different parts of the building so that they can almost never cross paths let alone touch a spark. The safeguards are very good there are thousands of bags made each day and probably towords the billions in a year over all the plants. There is one plant somewhere that on one day will slip up but it is still safe as long as they keep the plants small and away from civilization. Also chemical fertilizer is simply the active ingredients in regular fertilizer in a purer form. Its only because people put down too much for a safe amount of runoff.

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