Western Conference on notice after Wild blast Blackhawks: Do outdoor conditions impact hockey game outcomes?

  • The outdoor playing experience did not help the Blackhawks

    The hockey league may wish to re-consider its position on allowing teams to play outdoors in blistering snow and overcast skies. The Wild had home (field) advantage, especially as the game was played outdoors. The game did not go well for the Blackhawks from the start. The Wilds overwhelmed the Blackhawks with goals after just over three minutes into the game. To add to the Blackhawks' troubles, Michal Roszival was given a five-minute penalty and game misconduct for interference. This game was a chance for the Wilds to shine. And they did.The game built momentum for Wild fans, and it will remain a memorable event regardless of which team the Wilds played against.

  • Conditions do not impact NHL outcomes

    Hockey is a sport that was born outside. While most NHL games are currently played indoors, bringing the sport back to its roots is very important to the quality of the game. The Wild far outplayed the Blackhawks in the most recent game and it was very obvious it had nothing to do with the conditions.

  • Conditions affecting game?

    It would be a slippery slope to attempt to justify or legislate against the changeable nature of outside conditions. Although one team may be seen to have benefitted in one instance or been better placed to take advantage this is a part of the game when played outside - the tables could easily turn for the next game.

  • It is an Indoor Sport

    Hockey is usually played indoors so the outside weather should have no effect on the game outcome. On the other hand it does impact the audience or the players coming to the game. So the only way that weather would effect the outcome is that if no one was able to show up to the hockey match, including the players.

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