Western Countries should be allowed to make development aid conditional on population control

Asked by: joeking
  • Legalization of abortion and contraception and support of gay rights should be mandatory to receive aid

    This sort of soft population control that is not direct but relies on people making voluntary decisions is the best form of population control. These countries should legalize abortion, contraception, and support gay rights to reduce population growth. And besides that nonsupport for these things is oppressive. We should not prop up bully regimes.

  • No, because we should lead the charge on it, not force it on people

    Population MANAGEMENT, rather than control, is a necessary thing.

    Since 1980, more than 3 billion new people have been born. We have never seen global populations this high. If we continue on this track, we will run out of agricultural resources.

    At that point, we will see heated political debate on the legality of tax puishments for multi-child households.

    There will be financial assistance to anyone who opts for voluntary birth control.

    It will be such a vast departure from what we're experiencing now.

  • Population Control is Bad

    Population control in and of its self is bad, to use population control you either must kill innocents or... No that's really it, kill innocent people. I don't find it necessary ever to kill off people so that others live easier lives, personally I see it as atrocious in general.

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