Westworld Season 2: Will Season two of Westworld answer lingering questions unanswered in season one?

  • Westworld Season 2 will answer lingering questions.

    Season 2 of Westworld will answer lingering questions that were left unanswered in season one. However, many critics and fans also anticipate that Season 2 of Westworld will also introduce many new questions that may be left unanswered until season three. It is important to note that season three has not been announced yet and will depend on the following of Season 2.

  • Yes I reckon so

    I have yet to complete the full series of Westworld, in fact I've only seen the first 3 episodes so I have 7 more to go. However I would predict with the way series like this normally work that we start to get the answer to some questions that the viewer is left with.

  • Yes, season 2 should

    Season 1 of Westworld left many viewers wondering what was going on and frustrated with confusion. I think that is a good way to end a season, as frustrating as it can be for the viewer. Westworld now has the attention of millions and all but guarantees viewers will tune in for season 2. If season 2 does not answer many of the questions left for viewers, then the creators didn't quite do something right, but only time will tell there. One would think that any questions left on the cliffhanger at a season's end should be answered during the next season, and I think season 2 will provide some answers.

  • It will be chaos.

    At the end of season one with the founder's death, the writers promise that next season will be chaos. In the end, Delores delivered the fatal shot in a way that intended for the owner to literally go out with a bang. There is no story line left, because it all resolved in the season finale.

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