We've figured out how the human body should be designed to survive car crashes, Should research aim to reengineer the body body to suit this?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
We've figured out how the human body should be designed to survive car crashes, Should research aim to reengineer the body body to suit this?
  • If it makes us safer

    This will help reduce deaths from auto accidents. Genetics research is just beginning now, But as research progresses eventually we may be able to change the structure of the human body. Then we can reengineer ourselves so that we could better survive car accidents. We may not be used to the appearance but over time we would adjust. I would happily reengineer my body like this to protect myself from dying in a car accident.

  • So much time, Money, And research for nothing basically

    This wouldn't make any sense whatsoever. Why would we waste research on biological modifications for something that can be reduced with better driving or safer cars? If I were to modify my body in any way, I'd look towards things that would improve my senses or resistance to disease, Something a lot more important than looking like a deformed blob person with 20 nipples.

  • Another example of dangerous collectivism in the field of science.

    Although I can sympathise with the ideal to reduce the number of human deaths from automotive accident, Mr. Billsands has an excellent point. Why spend so much funding on an expensive and frankly ludicrous human re-engineering programme when it would be far more practical to put the same funding into automotive design. Such a programme as this would drain the national budget (because I don't know what private firm in their right mind would fund this), And such a drastic change in human anatomy could lead to more problems than it is worth, Even if such a project theoretically cost nothing. After all, The more muscles and tissue mass the human body has, The more mental resources must be dedicated to controlling them. I cannot imagine how much the human condition would deteriorate further in such a case. Imagine, Intellectual forums like this could possibly cease to exist if human intelligence were to be reduced, Even slightly. It is the brain to body ratio that is an important factory in maintaining sentience, And I would not want to be a part of some scientific collective that would inevitably commit suicide to its self in the name of reducing automotive accidents. Franky, Though, It is hard to say that the goal would not be achieved as people would likely have difficulty constructing automobiles in the first place. Of course, All of this overlooks the glaring fact that people would all be as ugly as heck, Judging by the picture. So no thank you, I have no interest in being part of this "we" that you speak of. Also, As another point, The human form is basically perfect in general, Since we have nimble hands to manipulate objects, A light frame to be agile, And a mind that has given the entire human race monumentally overwhelming dominance over the Earth. Due to the demands of modern society, Literally being built like a tank is not very useful considering that day to day activities require deftness. On assembly lines, In offices, And in academic institutions, The cons of building blocks of flesh, Bone, And muscle would make us as useless as super-mutants trying to go to university. Not to mention the immense cost of such a project and the necessary accompanying social Darwinism, Considering the size of the human race, Makes the entire endeavor useless. Just buy a safer car, Man.

  • Stupid idea, Literally no point.

    Why redesign your whole freaking body to be able to handle car crashes better? Cars are becoming safer and safer- some day we may not even drive cars, And there might not be car crashes. If you can change the genetic structure of the human body, There are so many things you could do instead of making yourself a squat, Immobile lump of flesh. Make bloody wings and fly around! That squat thing couldn't see over the windshield or press the pedals.

  • I think it would be easier and more sensible to stick to designing the car to be safer

    This is a sarcastic question. Obviously no one wants to look like that, Its ugly and impractical, If we just stick to designing cars to be safer, I think that would be far more logical, And a lot less expensive. What a senseless thing to even think about, What does such a ridiculous proposal even serve as a purpose? No one has ever suggested this, Stick to making safer cars.

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