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  • The Sentence is Wrong.

    Men are born with more Percentage of Testosterone Which was given to them because they were and still the Gender which does the Hard work from Holding Heavy things and so on, A Women with high testosterone wouldn't compare with a Women with High Testosterone Because basically Women and Men are equal and God gave them equal chances.

    And about what women can do better than a man.

    It's not even a real sentence, The actual Sentence would be:
    "That women can do better than that man"

    Because not every women refers to all Women and not every Man refers to all Men because some people are just special and have special abilities.

    Let me give an example:
    there's a women that is an expert in Boxing
    and there's that guy he's not good at Boxing

    That doesn't me all Men are bad at boxing and that doesn't mean all women are good at Boxing and verse versa.

  • It's simply false and inherently sexist

    Although it is a fact that more women and girls will graduate high school and college and may attempt to aim high in their schooling lives, Racking up many of the top scholar prizes, This advantage has not done anything in their favour. There is always someone better fit for a job or who could do a job better regardless of their gender. This shirt simply belongs from the uplifting girls, Bring down boys era and holds no truth in the real world.

  • Not always the case.

    On average boys have higher Standard Deviation of IQ than girls, Which is what generally correlates with performance on an intellectual task. Which is why we see more boys at either end of spectrum. So they would be both, Better or worse than them. On physical tasks, It depends on the amount of training, Nutrition, Home environment more than it depends on the gender.

  • Most things depend on individual preference and aptitude.

    That being said, Physically devastating jobs like firefighter, Oil rigger, Logger, SF operator etc are almost universally done by men due to biological advantages. Not just size and muscle but durability. This is why equity based policy has to be implemented in these professions to allow women access. "If you strap 150 pounds of gear plus weapon, Ammo and chute onto a woman and throw her out of a plane, Shes going to break" ~ Tim Kennedy

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