What are some pros (yes) and cons (no) of year-round schools?

  • Stop being lazy

    I am in 11th grade and I have seen first hand that after summer vacation and even a little bit before, kids simply give up. Year- round schooling would still be 180 school days it would just be spaced out through out the year. So stop being lazy and complaining that "summer is taken away", when you're probably just sitting on your phone anyways.

  • Less likely to forget material

    It takes away the cost of summer school, and everyone can enjoy their favorite seasons. Also, there is less stress on teachers because they have frequent breaks, and less long breaks, causing boredom. I am a kid and I don't like being bored all summer. I like school. A lot.

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  • As a student, I say yes.

    On average, with the regular ten-month school system, students spend 13 weeks between breaks. Barely any other countries in the world spend more than 7 weeks in between their breaks. If the country converts to the 45-15 schedule that is the most popular version of year-round schooling, we would go 9 weeks and then have a 3 weeks break. I don't know about you, but that sounds so much nicer than what I have now.

  • I am a kid and I say yes

    I am going into high school this year and I think it'll be much more helpful with a year round calendar. The breaks will be more frequent and yeah I'll miss summer, but then I don't have to worry about wasting time in the beginning of the school year going over things we did kast year and forgot over the summer.

  • Its a good idea

    I think that it a good idea I am actually in school right now and yes it can be a drag sometimes but it kind of sucks when I learn so much and then lose it over summer break with year round school I still get a break while still getting to keep every thing I learned through the year.

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  • School is cool

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  • Why do we need year round schools?

    We need year round schools because it helps teachers not to review as much. And the students brain wont shut down during summer and we could see friends at school when they are not sick. And they wont be as much home work because we could learn everything that day.

  • No year-round school.

    Being a kid now... WE learn enough each day. So, we don't need to go an extra 90 days. Summer is needed to let kids have their time off of school. We don't need more months. If there was year-round school... Kids wouldn't get the sleep they need. Nor will they have more time to study or do a project. I think we shouldn't have year-round school

  • We need a break

    Kids need a break from school and when u come to school they will give you homework , Trust me i'm in a year round school and they gave me homework and we had to do a test. But yeah I believe it is just frustrating and not that cool

  • No. Definitely no.

    People can sometimes forget how important summer breaks are for kids. Without them, kids would think that school is a non stoping boredom that lasts 12 years. Nowadays, school is getting more difficult, and summer breaks are supposed to help students relax and to get rid of all that stress and just a month isn't enough to do that. Secondly, students also need to evelop as persons. Thirdly, shorter summer breaks would have a big impact on the time that family members spend together. Finally, (and I read this months ago and I agree with the person who wrote it) it isn't fair because the people who support year round school are the ones who got summer breaks which lasted longer.

  • All the sports and other extracurricular activities lose money.

    The school would only use the money for their equipment and more activities get money and kids like having sports and good coaches. The school would end up having boring classes and that kids can have fun. More people should be saying no to year round school and kids love fun activities.

  • I am a kid and i say no

    I am turning thirteen in the summer i don't wanna have to spend that day at school having to go to sleep early and not get to stay up late like i can in the summer. In the summer us kids love to play sports hang out with our friends and go on vacations .

  • Girl no yrs!!

    The Only thing that kids look forward to is summer and getting out of school. If you take that away from kids they won't have anymore drive to finish school. When are kids supposed to play summer sports? During the summer right? But yrs is taking away their summer...So how's that gonna work?

  • Well kids hate the idea

    Kids love the outdoors and the beach and just hanging out with such a spread out school year kids are forced to have a tiny summer and breaks when they wish they wouldn't. Ask any kid that goes to a year round school they'll tell you they hate and wish they could have a nice long summer break.

  • Light at the end of the tunnel

    OMG! You want to take the one thing kids enjoy all year
    When kids will enjoy hobbies, develop themselves and contribute to community if all their time at school ?
    All that torment for 12 yrs, please give them a break, why do u like school too much anyway ?

  • No kids still need to be kids

    Year round schools are just not a good idea for kids. Kids need a time to be a kid and the summer is the time for that. Kids also need something to look forward to, a light at the end of the tunnel, and summer vacation serves that purpose too.

  • Say No To Year Round Calendar

    Vacation Resorts wont benifit with year round schools. They would make less money because people wouldnt be going on long summer vacations. Its also very difficult to hold classes over the hot summer months and would be very cosly to afford air conditioning. Studies say that kids in year round schools are performing lower on test grades. VOTE NO FOR YEAR ROUND SCHOOLS!

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