• Whats your opinion ?

    In my opinion the best three are twelve fourteenth and fifteenth because those are the most important ones . Now i may be wrong but everyone has their own opinion . And thats mine . What is your opinion and why ? Please explain with detail . Please and thank you

  • In My Opinion

    In my opinion, the three most important amendments are:

    The 1st Amendment - Freedom of speech without government intervention is one of the most fundamental parts of our democracy, and something that many other nations do not enjoy.

    The 2nd Amendment - The protected right to bear arms is another policy that many nations do not allow. It allows for our personal protection and provision, and even a recourse against tyranny.

    The 6th Amendment - The right to a trial by jury is quite possibly the most important law that we have. It provides that the government cannot incriminate you without proper legal action. If the government wants to say you have committed a crime, then the government is required to prove that you have committed a crime, in a court of law.

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