What are the most important privacy or security

Asked by: gwAPO
  • Without privacy there is no security

    Information when known can be abused. Furthermore the complete absence of privacy would mean the government could cut off all ability to resist an unjust law.

    The tendency in social media is troublesome. Companies should double their commitment to privacy and people should stop sharing so much of their lives online.

  • “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

    Why do we fight tyranny? To preserve freedom. Then why should we listen to anyone who claims we must surrender our freedom in order to defeat tyranny, for what do we have without freedom but the very tyranny we surrendered our freedoms to defeat.


    In all seriousness, empires die from authoritarian overreach. It's idiotic and causes strife from within.

  • Privacy is Security

    Thinking about it, if your life is always public, than you will never actually have security. IF someone could watch you at anytime they wanted to, what would that make of society? Not a secure one, I suppose.

    Many say that the United States will be vulnerable. A big secret of the United States is that no matter what, the Untied States will always be vulnerable, no matter the circumstances. If I actually wanted to kill the president, than I could find a way. Evil finds a way.

  • Security is more important than privacy

    I place security above privacy because if you put privacy above security, you're left with a vulnerable nation that could be taken down more easily by other nations. If you do the opposite, you end up with a totalitarian government and oppressive government. You have to find a balance of two as gwAPO said but security will almost always be more important. If you don't prioritize security as more important than privacy, you may fall to other nations like we almost could've with Hitler during ww2 or like we possibly could with Russia, NK, China or any other nation that has animosity with America.

  • Security is of greater importance:

    There is absolutely no value to privacy without security. There is absolutely no value to your words without the removal of the threat of violence hanging over you. What good are all the words whispered in fear that need to be shared? What good is no one knowing what you're up to when all you do is live in fear?

  • For me its security

    Security is important but so is privacy. We need a a good balance between the two in order for this country to work!
    Without security this country would be in danger.
    Security is the most important because nothing will ever be private anymore. With technology the way it is as well as media and social media. You can kiss any kind of privacy you have good bye. You have to rely on things being secured and people not being able to access them now.

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