What are the pros (yes) and cons (no) of gun control?

  • It works in the UK

    I'm from the UK where it's very difficult to get a license for a gun, never mind a gun. The only people who really have guns are farmers, and officials like policemen and soldiers who need them. In America, 60% of all murders are caused by firearms compared to 6% in the UK. People in the UK aren't afraid because they don't have a gun, and most people in the UK don't want a gun. The issue of gun control isn't even an issue in Britain, as pretty much everyone in the UK is for gun control. You could argue that it's against your rights, but laws on drug consumption are also technically against your rights. Does this mean that drugs should be made legal? No. Gun control is needed. It works in the UK, why wouldn't it work in the US?

  • It's the fear that makes us shooting

    The own reason why in the USA everybody can get so easily a gun is because there everybody lives in fear because of murders, rapes and orhers...
    So the reason why there is so much fear, is because of guns! So if we prohibit guns for everyone there would be less criminal activity and less fear and so the people wouldn't need the guns anymore!

  • Fewer Deaths, Less Violence

    In support of gun control, there are fewer deaths and less violence if there are fewer guns in the hands of citizens. Less gun control is a uniquely American phenomenon--the Founding Fathers had no way to know in 230 years that people living in large urban areas such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles would be angry enough to kill each other with guns over drugs and money on a daily basis. Countries with tighter gun control laws have far less violence and fewer deaths. If life is the most important thing, why aren't we doing more in America to preserve actual life as opposed to defending a way of life? More guns mean more deaths.

  • Some Gun Control Measures Necessary

    When was the last time we went a day without hearing about gun violence on a local, state or national level? How many people does it have to affect before we make changes in the way our laws are made? I do not propose that we take guns out of the hands of ordinary citizens, but that we make sure that those armed citizens are rational, well-informed and responsible members of society before we entrust them with guns. We have such paltry, barely enforced and completely underfunded laws in place now that it's no wonder we've had such tragedies taking place in this country. We need to put in place some common-sense laws backed up with real consequences for breaking those laws before it's too late for someone else's child or spouse.

  • Yes, there should be gun control.

    Studies show that the more guns a population of a country has, the more violence and deaths occur from shootings. We are known throughout the civilized world as having the least control over who owns guns and having also one of the highest rates of death by guns so obviously we are doing something wrong.

  • There would be way less deaths

    If the goverment put more gun control or even if they made guns illegal there would be less deaths.Don't you want to make children at schools feel safe and protected.Most school lockdowns are because of crazy people with guns shooting innocent people.So doesn't the government want to make kids at schools feel safe and protected.In just New Mexico there has been 24 recorded school shootings imagine in the whole USA.We need to save lives now.

  • Only in the 1700's

    The right to bear arms is a very outdated amendment... Sure in the 1700's guns were needed to defend yourself, but today we have both the police AND the national guard if it gets really bad. The right to bear arms can still happen, but it needs more gun control

  • Look up statistics

    Other 1st world countries with tighter laws don't have nearly the amount of gun related fatalities. People tend to focus on the crime aspect when it comes to guns. However, the majority of gun deaths occur from accidents and suicides, not criminals. Less people have guns = less people shoot themselves. Also, recent studies show that states with right-to-carry laws are associated with substantially higher rates" of aggravated assault, robbery, rape and murder.

  • Yes on gun control

    I believe that only the right people should have assess to guns people who are sane enough to know what there doing and to know right from wrong. Just look at all the school shooting that have happened in the past. Each suspect had a past of mental health problems

  • It does not have to be so harsh

    There are so many loopholes in our gun control policy. One major example is the gun show loophole. Closing such loopholes and instituting background checks and training people to keep their guns secure and use them responsibly would be sufficient to deter this problem. We are not taking guns away! Something like a mandatory one-hour waiting period before you get the gun or a license and background check for responsible gun-holding citizens would not infringe on our rights and would make this country safer. We are NOT outlawing guns, completely banning them, or severely restricting them. We just need to take steps towards ensuring that more people use them responsibly.

  • Gun control is BS

    The 2nd amendment says and I quote,"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Is it me or does it seem like taking away our guns takes that amendment away? BOOOOOM! Argue with that.

  • I won't be killed as easy

    If you where at the store and a man with a gun comes in will you be afraid ? Of course. Now a gunner comes in a store and you are armed with a salt gun are you going to fell helpless? Of course not . We Americas needs guns!

  • No, criminals will get guns regardless of strict gun laws.

    DO you really think that a person that is planning to rob a store or your home at gunpoint would go to a buisness to get a gun? No, they will get them with no papertrail so no one can prove it was them! Also the average response time for law enforcement is 10 to 12 minutes. The fact of the matter is if you cant defend yourself within those 10 to 12 minutes the police will arrive after the crime is committed and the criminal is already gone. So it is probably in your best intrest to own a gun!

  • No, crimes happen regardless of the control.

    Criminals always find a way to get a weapon regardless of laws. They may even know how to make them themselves. Gun control would just make the citizens more vulnerable. Also, the 2nd amendment protects our ownership for guns. Guns are also used to stop tyrant governments which in the United States we have the right to do if our government becomes to powerful.

  • Let's get some bullet control instead.

    Let's take a different approach to reducing gun related violence. What ammunition do most criminals use when committing crimes? Typically things like .22 and other small caliber rounds. Why? Because it's cheap in large quantities, and they can fit more per magazine. To reduce gun deaths, Every bullet should cost 500 dollars, because if every bullet costs 500 dollars, you're gonna think twice about shooting someone, "Man I'd blow your d*mn head off.... If I could afford it." The majority of criminals don't have much of a budget for a full magazine, even a small one like a 6 round, which will set you back 3000 dollars.

  • What's the point

    Gun control only. Is for honest citizens, people who already follow the laws. If a person wants to commit a crime, they can find a way to illegally obtain a gun. Also, millions of people already have guns in the United States. How would we be able to recollect all the guns??

  • No matter what we do these crimes will still happen

    People who intend to use guns for bad o illegal means will find ways to get the guns no matter what the law is so why try to regulate and restrict what guns or how many guns people can have if they follow the law and use them things like hunting. This tends to waste time and money that the Government could be using to find and bust these criminals.

  • Look up statistics

    If gun control was implemented it would be but another prohibition, look up the statistics, 40% of crimes are prevented because the criminal believes there is a firearm on the premises, also a reported 949,000 people a year defends themselves using a firearm in a situation that would surely have led to violence

  • If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have the.

    Firearms are a means of self defense. Many cases of rape and other forms of assault can be prevented by the victims being armed. Criminals don't follow the law, so adding more control to fire arms is setting people up for failure. Gun control is only creating more laws to break.

  • Easier for criminals

    If we take a away guns it's just making it easier for criminals to kill people because they can always find a way around gun control leaving us defend less. Gun control is making it hard for us to defend are selfs and easier for criminals to harm us. We don't need gun control!

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