• Requirements to Maintain Permanent Residency in Canada

    To immigrate to Canada under the Canada Express Entry system, Applicants are required to meet several eligibility requirements. These include:

    Age– You must be of a young age who can work in Canadian economy healthily for a long time.
    Qualification– You must be able to prove that your degree or higher education is equivalent to Canada’s higher education. Having post-secondary education is always an added advantage.
    Work Experience– You must possess at least 1 year of work experience, Preferably in an occupation that has a very high demand of talent in Canada.
    Language Proficiency Skills– As Canada’s official language is English and the other official language is French, You must be able to pass either English or French language assessment with a good score.
    Health Certificate– You must be able to prove that you are fit in health both physically and mentally. You need to submit medical certificates in order to do so.
    Moral Character– Canada will accept you only if your home country (as well as the country of current residence) declares you free of any previous criminal records. You will be required to submit Police Clearance Certificate for this.
    Financial Stability– In the last stage of the Canada visa process, You as a skilled worker are asked to show funds upto 3 (or more depending upon members who are immigration with you). This is confirm that you can manage your stay (and your family’s stay) in Canada, Without any financially dependency on the Canadian government.
    Eligible Points– Last but not the least, You are required to score 67 points out of 100 on Canada’s points based immigration grid. These points are allotted for factors like age, Education, Work experience, Language skills etc.

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