• Needles and Blood

    I have huge phobias of needles and blood. It's uncontrollable. At the sight of blood I have the urge to faint and throw up. At the sight of needles I tense and run away from them asap. At the thought of blood, I feel nauseous and I simply feel terrified. At thought of needles, I tense and shiver quickly and I feel the need to run.
    When I have to get a needle, I get extremely anxious and I faint. Then I can't stop shaking.
    When I have to get my blood taken, its the worst thing of all. It combines my two phobias.
    I feel so uncomfortable now after writing this... Thanks :P

  • Nothing in this world?

    Humans are timid in nature. Thus, you must have faced something horrible before or even not. I am so eager to hear what you guys and ladies scared of. You all can post any personal experiences. It can be real or imaginable. So, what are you all waiting for? Post your opinion now.

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