What are your opinions about modern day feminism? (Yes for positive or No for negative)

Asked by: MyNameIsSean
  • We are almost their...

    The truth is, is that if we are going to have a good society last, we need people all the time, keeping those who make the laws fair for all who live in it's borders, and speaking of the people who make our laws and who are constantly hounded by feminist, in the House, there are currently 362 men and 76 women. In the Senate, there are 17 women and 83 men. This is one of the reasons why feminism is still around. In a country with nearly the same amount of men to women,(admittedly the information is from before the 2012 election) there are nearly 5 times more men in the house and the Senate, then women. Women also only get 75 cents on the dollar, compared to men in the average business, even in the white house the women on staff only get 83 cents on the dollar. Because of the following reasons, I have to say that feminism needs to continue fighting towards the equal treatment of women.

  • In the industrialized world, feminism has already won.

    Many places in the first world, sexism or patriarchy is basically nonexistent. Especially in the United States, where women win most divorce cases and if you hit one, you can be in jeopardy of jail time. Plus the radical feminist we see today are just a bunch of delusional women that see some kind of sexism, when in most cases its the most pathetic to call it sexism. I would love to see how a radical feminist would manage to live in countries like Yemen or Chad.

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